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A delegation of twenty three students attended the HMUN 2015 conference in Boston, USA, accompanied by two teacher escorts. The trip lasted from 26th January to 3rd February, 2015.

Atishay Jain(grade 4) & Divyansh Arora (grade 5) were awarded a gold medal at the state level in the Ken Ken International Championship organised by Grey Sim Ltd.

The Spring Festival will be held on April 10 & April 11, 2015

Vedant Dewan was honoured by the Chief Minister of Uttrakhand for winning Bronze medal at the National shooting Championship 2014.

Holi Home Out (March 6,2015) is being called off. Instead, Students will be given an additional night out later in the term.....

....However, the policy regarding the night out remains the same. A student may avail a maximum of two nights out per term. In case he doesn't, then he will not be allowed to carry it forward to the next term.

PROFICIENCY & APTITUDE ASSESSMENT for Entrance in Grade XI– on 2nd April 2015

Welham Boys' School is a residential school for boys, in Dehra Dun, affiliated to the C.B.S.E., India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas over an area of 30 acres, the school lies amidst the hills and rivers of the Doon valley. Students from varying backgrounds and from many different parts of the sub-continent and beyond, attend the school.

From Principal Desk

Let me begin my note to you with a quote by John Joseph Powell “It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

Here, ‘one’ stands for the School and ‘another’ is you. How the School is moving, the direction it is following, the outcomes envisaged by it, are all threaded by the partnership between you and the School. 2014 has been yet another fulfilling year with its crests and troughs. The result is before all of us, to see. The majestic elephant has marched stridently ahead, impressing upon one and all that its path is well charted, its vision is clear and its goal is single: achieving excellence in all spheres.

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