Founded in 1966, Round Square is a global network of forward looking schools in 50 countries, spread across six continents,that share a passion for experiential learning and character education.

The Round Square approach is built around six IDEALS of learning: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. These ideals are integral to an individual’s growth and important to create empathetic and globally aware citizens. Round Square focuses on these ideals because it believes that education shouldn’t be limited to academic excellence and students must be encouraged to understand and embrace the similarities and differences between different races and cultures. A sense of communal harmony and tolerance is thus be inculcated in the young minds. Round Square believes that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative, and when it is infused through a broad spectrum of inter, extra and co-curricular activities. Being a chain of collaborative schools, it aims at the same goals for all its students; each school shares and benefits from other’s ideas, methods and experiences. With such a large network, Round Square reaches out to hundreds and thousands of students and helps them develop as intelligent citizens.

Welham Boys’ School is an active member of the Round Square community. The school hosted a young Global Round Square Conference in January 2018,which was attended by highly reputed personalities such as Mrs. Papri Ghosh, Mrs. Bubbles Sandhu and Miss Katie. The theme of the conference was ‘Escape the Ordinary’ and had keynote speakers like Mrs. Dia Mirza and Dr. Anand Gokani. Both the speakers shared interesting perspectives with the delegates and taught them the importance of values such as hard work, initiating tasks etc. Participants had some fruitful barazza sessions throughout the conference in which they shed some light on how to ‘Escape the Ordinary’.The students also had a chance to learn about different cultures as the conference experienced participation from various parts of the globe.

Welham Boys’ engages in all the IDEALS of Round Square. It hasa democratic voting procedure for electing the student prefects, every academic term the students experience the thrill of adventure by visiting picturesque valleys of the state and they trekfor a few days; to promote environmentalism we have hobbies like the Nature Club, Campus Cleaning and Paper Recycling. Lastly, the School aims at being an active contributor the society by organizing service programs such as Each One Teach One, in which the students get the opportunity to teach the ones deprived of basic amenities and it contributes to the NDTV Behtar India initiative.