Leadership Workshop – Class XII

A leadership workshop was organized for 58 students of class XII from 27th February 2016 to 29th February 2016. These students escorted by 5 teachers attended this workshop conducted by ‘Youreka’ Group at the Jayalgarh camp near Srinagar, Garhwal. The drive from the School to the camp was unexpectedly long but students did not allow it to dampen their spirits.

Upon arrival to the camp, the resource people welcomed the students and shared with them the content of the workshop which had been planned for the next three days. The students were divided into two groups amongst the two resource people.

Each day of the workshop began early with a set of energetic and energizing exercises. Students in each group were made to participate in activities like tower building, blindfold Rope Square, Rappelling etc. After every activity they had a debriefing session in which various aspects of leadership and team dynamics were discussed. For example in the Blindfold Rope Square activity all the participants were blind folded and a long rope was looped and placed on the ground. The task was to form a square only using the verbal form of communication. Each participant had to operate within his zone of influence.


Thereby playing the role of a leader in his own sense and yet be attentive to the instruction of others. This allowed them to understand the importance of trust, communication etc. The students were also exposed to the different qualities of a leader in the form of a structure known as E- STAR which included achievements, self confidence, respect for others, turnout etc. This was to enhance their understanding of what the role of a leader entails. The two days also had fun filled sessions where students participated in various games and also had the opportunity to showcase their acting skills. They had to perform skits in groups of four.


Students enjoyed these sessions. At the end, the workshop was summarized by an activity in which each participant had to appreciate those members from his peer group who had played a significant role in their life either in the camp or as a part of growing up at School. This was very meaningful to the students as they could relate to each other in a more meaningful manner and also got an opportunity to express themselves to others in the peer group about what they valued in them. It was an enriching experience for the students and they came back to School with valuable lessons for life.

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