NDTV – SCHOOL TV Programme

"In the world of tomorrow software communication and creativity will be more important forces than hardware. Our children are among the brightest and the most creative in the world. Let us help them learn how to develop and mould this wonderful creativity through a deeper understanding of the grammar of the media."

Dr. Prannoy Roy
Chairman, NDTV

Day - 1

Welham Boys' School was delighted to welcome the NDTV – SCHOOL TV Programme to Dehradun once again this July – a recognition of the school’s high achievements in this field. Nineteen students attended this three-day workshop hoping to enhance their communication and creative skills through video production.

The NDTV experts responded to the different skills levels within the group allowing each member to develop at an appropriate pace and all to feel they were making strong progress. AS the day progressed the students became increasingly confident about the use of equipment and increasingly aware of new areas for exploring. With this new confidence and knowledge they finished the day waiting for tomorrow when they could put these skills into practice.


Day - 2

If Day 1 had substantially widened their knowledge of the world of NDTV, Day 2 was to introduce our students to a completely new world: the world of blind people. This was to be the subject of the documentary they hoped to have completed by the end of Day 3. Accordingly,Welham students spent time in conversation with blind children and visiting a Braille library.

Having gathered this material, in small groups the students discussed possible approaches. This was followed by an interaction-discussion session with the experts to finalize and chalk out the finer details of third and final day program. The plan for the next day was set!


Day - 3

Day 3 was challenging as well as invigorating for our students as they had to prepare a 3-4 minute video capsule which would showcase their technical skill as well as their creative ability. They were geared up for the task and structured the entire shoot in consultation with the experts. Each group was specified half an hour for the video shoot and to do voice oversfollowed by6 hours of editing.

Commitment to task was absolute as the students worked to bring the whole workshop to a magnificent climax. The day concluded with the featuring of video clips by each group with experts evaluated their work and suggested the changes to be incorporated to improve the quality. Everyone was amazed at what had been achieved in so short a time and everyone left with a sense of great achievement and a desire to do even more.

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