Interactive Programme with Mr. Shiv Kunal Verma

On the evening of September 8, 2016, the students assembled in the Activity Centre to attend an interactive session with Mr. Kunal Verma on his book, “1962: The War That Wasn’t”.

Mr. Verma was born into an Army family. After graduation he joined a Nepal based British Company - Tiger Tops Mountain Travel, entrusted with opening trekking routes between Kashmir and Ladakh. He returned to Delhi in 1984 and joined India Today and later Associated Press and started working as a journalist specialising in wildlife and environmental reporting. In 1986, he left active journalism to direct and film the Project Tiger series of films. He has many books to his credit, apart from over 50 major films. His latest book, “1962: The War That Wasn't” has received unprecedented media coverage for being the most definitive work on the subject.

Mr. Verma was welcomed by the Principal, Ms. Gunmeet Bindra, the School Captain, Mohit Gupta and the LRC Council Secretary, Sanveg Jain.

It was a great platform for the students to listen to him and interact with him on a subject that interests them a lot. It made them aware of the facts which usually go unnoticed. Hence, it was great session learning from Mr. Verma’s knowledge and wisdom.

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