International Youth Startup Conference

On 7th and 8th of October Welham Boys’ School hosted an International Youth Startup Conference organized by the Achievers Program. The theme for the conference was “Inno hivation and Enterprise”. Seventeen schools from all over the country participated in this event. The keynote speaker was Mr. Saurab Bhatnagar, entrepreneur and founder of “Uprist Service Portal”. The conference provided an opportunity for students to think outside the box and help in solving some of the problems faced by humanity. The students had to pitch their ideas and present a ten-minute presentation to the judges and the keynote speaker. They had to interact, network and work with similar students who posed to be the leaders of tomorrow. This conference helped establish ties that transcend cultural diversity and geographical barriers.


The motive of this event was to encourage students to pitch and share their “innovative start-up and entrepreneurship ideas and stories,” that answer the following questions: -

• What need is your start-up idea going to fulfill?

• What problem is your start up idea going to solve?

• What inconvenience is your startup idea going to make convenient?


The first day of the event saw the inaugural address by the keynote speaker and the commencement of the presentation round. The judge for the round was Mr. Rajeev Bhatia. The participants were taken for a field trip to the Forest Research Institute after the better part of the presentation round was over.

On the second day, the presentation round continued which was followed by the activity round. Welham Boys’ emerged victorious with the team comprising of Ayush Tulsyan, Ayush Dixit and Ali Rana. Participants came up with extraordinary entrepreneurial ideas and this event was a huge success.

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