The Saskia Laroo Band Performance

The Theatron at Welham Boys’ School came alive on Sunday 16th of October to the powerful music of the Saskia Laroo Band. The evening’s program was an event in collaboration with SPIC MACAY - The Society for the Promotion of Music and Culture amongst Youth which has in the past 38 years exposed thousands of students to various forms of classical music, dance, folk art, craft and folk theatre.

Saskia Laroo, hailed by the American public as Lady Miles of Europe’’ on the trumpet and vocal, along with Warren Byrd on the piano and vocals, Daniel Gueli on the bass, Sven Rozier on the drums and the rapper Adeiye Tjon created magical music to enthrall and engage the audience.

The compositions were a combination of jazz, dance, pop, world music and groove beats with improvised solos and freestyle raps. The band had the entire audience dancing and echoing their lyrics throughout the concert.

The hip swinging and energetic performance by the band transported the students into the world of jazz, hip-hop, reggae and swinging pop music. The audience was spellbound, left asking for more!

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