Ahimsa Trust Mindfulness Workshop

For three days in November at Welham Boys’ School, the representatives of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh led 150 delegates into the practice of mindfulness.

The three-day workshop was focused on adults, including many teachers from the school; and while in the school the mindfulness tutors took the opportunity to run additional evening sessions with students – part of the Wake Up Schools’ programme.

The workshop included talks, questions and answers, group discussions, guided meditation, exercises in stress reduction and relaxation, and practices to restore and maintain good communication.

Through experiential learning participants came to appreciate the values of finding peace within themselves as a stepping stone to nurturing harmony and service in everyday life. We learned to recognise negative emotions and to identify what waters these seeds; and to draw on deep happiness to cultivate positive seeds and the energy of compassion. The starting point for everything is the continued reinforcement of positive qualities in our own minds and bodies.

To be at peace with ourselves, with each other and with nature was the ultimate aim of people attending the course, working not through religion but through a spiritual culture to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives.

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