Flow India Project Based Learning Programme

To develop ’future-learning’ at Welham Boys’, the pupils of class VII participated in a uniquely designed, integrated program spanning three days. The Project theme was ‘Migration’. The idea was to understand human interaction with the physical world and how human movement across time and space affects community life, commerce and trade, cultural practices and identity.


The Flow India team introduced the project over three days and thereafter it will be carried forward by the teachers via specific subject based activities. A teaser activity was introduced as a self-exploration by the students during their winter vacations.


The students were taken to on a field trip to interact with the Van-Gujjars, a migratory tribe. They visited the school at RLEK, where they interacted with the Van Gujjar children. The pupils were then taken to their settlement. It was a tremendous learning experience and an eye opener for the students. They learnt about the migratory lifestyle of the Van Gujjars and how they live in harmony with nature. They also learnt about the challenges faced by the Van Gujjar community in the present scenario.


Overall, the programme not only impacted the student’s curriculum learning but their process based learning and encouraged their ability to self-reflect resulting in an empowered and engaged learner.


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