Investiture Ceremony 2017

‘I promise to lead by example, to set the highest standards of integrity …………’

The Activity Centre echoed with these powerful words of the oath when on the 4th of February, 2017 the new Prefectorial Body were bestowed with the responsibility of leading the School for the academic year, 2017-2018.

The ceremony began with the Principal, Ms. Gunmeet Bindra, welcoming the Chief Guest, Mr. M. A. Ganapathy, Director General of Police (DGP), Uttarakhand. She thanked the Chief Guest for gracing the occasion.

She congratulated the newly elected Prefectorial body and thanked the outgoing team for their job done brilliantly. She encouraged the new School leaders to lead with integrity and commitment. She emphasised the role of the School prefects in a student driven school. She also advised them on the importance of team work and the mission.

After the Principal’s address the new prefects took the oath. The Presiding Officer pinned the badges and the Principal handed the prefects their respective flags, following the traditional way of transferring power and responsibility.

Prefectorial Body 2017-2018

School Captain -Vijay Prakash

Academics Captain-Anant Agarwal

Sports Captain- AyushTulsyan

Round Square President-Anurag Bhatia

Cauvery House Captain- Aditya Agarwal

House Prefect -Dev Goel

Ganga House Captain-Sanskar Gupta

House Prefect- Yash Khandelwal

Jamuna House Captain- Syed Hasan

House Prefect- Vayank Bhatia

Krishna House Captain-Yuvraj Pahuja

House Prefect- Priyatam Raj

In his address, the Chief Guest appreciated the efforts of the School in providing the right platform to the students to follow their dreams. He congratulated the newly appointed prefects. This being his first visit to the School, he was very impressed with the ceremony and the impeccable discipline of the boys. He motivated the students to think out- of- the- box and break the stereotyped way of thinking. He also encouraged them to think beyond their own selves and steer the country to the pedestal where it truly belongs. He also suggested that the young boys make their hobbies their profession and urged the parents to support them in their endeavours. A sense of social responsibility was instilled in the students by his simple yet powerful words.

The ceremony concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Vijay Prakash, the new Head Boy, followed by the School song.

It was indeed a very proud moment for the Welham fraternity. Their hearts were filled with pride as their minds reflected on the famous quote by Ray Kroc

‘The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.’

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