Round Square Conference Bangalore International School, Bangalore

14- 17th February, 2017

12 students with Ms. Gitanjali Mitra and Ms. Pooja Raghav attended the Round Square Conference at Bangalore International School, Bangalore. In true Indian tradition, the students of BIS welcomed the delegates, warm heartedly.

Day - 1

The delegates were whisked away to participate in the ice breaking activities, followed by March past practice. They then watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s Epic documentary….Before the Floods.

“Are you thankful to be alive?”

This was the opening statement of Mr. Prem Koshi’s speech, the first keynote speaker of the Conference. This year’s conference was aimed at saving resources and understanding the importance of forests and the various biotic and abiotic features that play a major role in our lives.

BIS welcomed the delegates from all 13 schools. This was followed by a march past and an invocation dance that merged the dance forms of North and South India. The second keynote speaker Mr. Milind Bunyan reiterated the message of climate change, deforestation and sustainable agriculture.

Day – 2 / Visit to Vistara

In this session, the delegates learnt how to make dolls with simple materials such as wool, cotton stuffing & flexible wires. Dolls were kept on display and the story they narrated was perceived differently by the delegates, giving contrasting perspectives. These dolls were portrayed to tackle social issues like racism, poverty and the adverse effects of pollution.


“Dancing is not an art form, it is almost a necessity.” The actions we perform daily require movement of some sort. Therefore, each one of us is a dancer. Whether we are good at it or not is irrelevant. With this newfound confidence, the delegates learned the duties of a farmer through dancing.

Story Telling & Paper Recycling

The delegates participated in a very lively story telling session. As the story unravelled, they learned that larger companies often have ulterior motives. The story revealed how farmers are manipulated into buying expensive seeds with the promise of fast growing crops. This in fact, proves counterproductive and disrupts the ecosystem. Later, the delegates learnt how to make paper in an eco-friendly way and made paper bags and containers to keep souvenirs.

Day – 3 / Annadana

“Let’s re- seed India” is the mission statement of Annadana, a group of farmers promoting the usage of unadulterated ,fresh, and organic produce through sustainable techniques. Their brief but effective presentation made the delegates conscious about their dietary choices and educated them regarding the diversity present in the natural world. The students marvelled at the simplicity and innovative nature of the farm operations, after witnessing the production of compost using cow dung, cow urine, curd, and ghee.

Day – 4 / Barazza

The Round Square delegates were split into six Barraza groups: Pelican, Flamingo, Blue jay, Magpie, Raven & Mocking Bird. During these sessions, delegates discovered the detrimental conditions our environment is facing. Together they brainstormed solutions to help fix this issue through creative means such as dance, drama, songs and debates and also came up with a meaningful Conference Statement.


Conference Statement

“We believe in taking initiative and risks to combat global issues that affect our environment- such as the misuse of resources – in order to preserve our environment for future generation.”

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