Arthur Hughes Inter House English Debate for Middle School

The Arthur Hughes Inter House English Debate for Middle School was held on March 2nd, 2017. The debate was held in the modified version of Oxford Format. The topic for this debate was THBT: Trump’s Policies Are the Best Policies.

Each House was represented by three speakers; one For the topic, the other Against and the third as the Interlocuter.


Perhaps, it was the topic that attracted a packed house. One could see students of classes X and XII amongst the Middle School students listening keenly to each speaker, despite being in the middle of their Board Exam preparation.

Each speaker mesmerized the audience with his unique style and well researched content and Mr. Siddharth Rakshit, Mrs. Kiran Tripathi and Mr. Srikanth were left with the nearly impossible task of deciding upon the winner.

At the conclusion, Principal Mrs. Bindra elaborated on how Donald Trump’s policies were impacting the Immigration Policies in the US.


The winning House was Cauvery – B.

Devraj Singhania of Jamuna-B was adjudged the Best Speaker.

Shaurya Poddar of Cauvery – B was adjudged the Most Promising Speaker and Mrinank Chander was the Best Interlocutor.

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