Symposium for Senior School Students Joint Venture of Welham Boys’ School and ICTRC

In the recent years our country’s higher education landscape has undergone rapid changes and the range of career options has increased exponentially. Against this background, students who are on the verge of leaving school can feel lost and without purpose if they fail to make appropriate plans for the future. More than ever before, laying down a robust career plan is a vital element in smoothing the transition from school to the real world of work. Schools and parents are both doing their best to help students by giving ‘Career Counselling’. However, there are many myths and misconceptions associated with this process. 


Many schools and parents believe that providing career information is the same as career counselling. The truth is that career counselling is not simply dissemination of career information. It is a scientific process, helping the student to know himself and thus become capable of decision-making in the area of career choice. Psychological processes are involved in career counselling. Ideally, only a professionally trained counsellor with a background in psychology should provide career counselling.


Too often, schools allow representatives of institutions of higher education to come to their campuses and address students without putting in place sufficient supervision and moderating influences. As a result, students receive biased information and may end up being sold courses in institutions which are not the most appropriate for them. Providing career information is an integral part of career counselling, but there is a need for briefing and debriefing the students by a neutral and impartial body after information has been disseminated. It is the duty of schools to safeguard the interests of their students by providing them with the right kind of career counselling.


To achieve the objective of providing an opportunity for students to obtain unbiased and authentic career information and also to equip them with the knowledge of the scientific process of choosing careers and courses, a symposium was organised as a joint initiative of ICTRC and Welham Boys’ on August 25, 2017. A panel of career counsellors and other experts headed by the renowned educational psychologist and counsellor-trainer Dr. V. S. Ravindran addressed over 1100 students from in and around Dehradun .


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