Student Enrichment Activity

Class: 9

Place: Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun

Students of Class 9 were taken to visit the Forest Research Institute, DehraDun, on the 2nd of May,‘17. The visit was planned in the light of the student enrichment activity. The FRI is an ideal place for this enrichment programme. The class 9 History syllabus has a chapter titled ‘Forest Society and Colonialism’ which talks about the establishment of this institute, the first of its kind, in India by the British, to study the forest in order to exploit them for their colonial interests. Moreover, FRI also has museums dedicated to silviculture, timber,non-wood forest produce and entomology and as such it was an ideal place for various topics in Geography too.

Students not only visited FRI,but also spent time in filling a comprehensive work sheet specially designed for this purpose.It was to be assessed by the teachers concerned and graded.

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