Military History Workshop

Mr. Shiv Kunal Verma, filmmaker and military historian, who has a ringside view of matters related to military history, conducted a workshop in this subject between April 20 and 22. This workshop is the first of its kind in any school. In the sessions held in April earlier this year, Mr. Verma introduced the subject of military history. He said the history that is taught in our schools is very superficial despite such a myriad past of India. We have been brought up on the myth of Ramayana and Mahabharata where it is difficult to tell the difference between reality and myth. Military history, he said, is about what actually happened. What is happening today has its roots in the past. Mr. Verma gave us a bird’s eye view of what was planned for his subsequent visits thereafter. He spoke substantially on the Kashmir issue and India’s war with Pakistan immediately after Independence.

Mr. Kunal Verma dealt with the Sino-Indian relations in the second round of his lecture series on military history on August 4th & 5th The workshop could not have come at a more opportune time. China has sparked a perilous military standoff with its territorial claims over Doklam and Mr. Kunal Verma was here to explain the whole history of the boundary dispute to us. A session of the workshop was also attended by students from RIMC, Dehradun.

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