Arthur Hughes Inter House English Debate for Middle School

The Arthur Hughes Inter House English Debate for Middle School was held on September 6th, 2017. The debate was held in the modified version of Oxford Format.The motion on the floor was This House (The Supreme Court) Will: approve a government introduced Adhaar based surveillance system in the interest of National Security.

Each House was represented by three speakers; one For the topic, the other Against and the third as the Interlocuter.


The speakers spoke to a packed house. As most of them have been activelyparticipating in the debating workshops being held in School regularly, they were able to tackle numerous complexities of the motion quite successfully.

The judges for the event were Mrs.AkilaBurett, a journalist by profession, Mr.SamraantVirmani, CEO of Heads Up, an event management company and Ms.Rakhee, teacher of Mathematics at Welham.


Mrs. Joyeeta Mukherjee, HOD English, complimented the participants on their awareness and ability to debate such intri cate subjects at a young age.

The winning House was Jamuna – B.
Viraj Lohia of Jamuna-B was adjudged the Best Speaker.
Sannidhya Aggarwal of Jamuna– B was adjudged the Most Promising Speaker and
Sooryam Goyal of Cauvery - B was the Best Interlocutor.


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