Principal's EOT Letter for June

Dear Parent,

With EOT fulfilling both its connotations-examinations and the end of a term, it offers me one more opportunity to communicate with you. I hope you are enjoying the summer break with your children meaningfully. They are wonderful boys who have given us much to be proud of.

Academically, the School continues to set higher targets and strive for excellence. This term has seen special emphasis being placed on classroom curriculum transaction. In a heritage boarding school as busy as Welham, it is but natural that students and staff alike are hard pressed for time. Yet, we continue to stay true to our firm belief in the philosphy of an all-round education, without sacrificing focus on pedagogic and curricular excellence. This year's board results are an example of this.

Our Secondary (Class X) result broke all previous years' records with 70 students out of 77 scoring a C.G.P.A. 9.0 and above. This year, there were 31 students scoring a perfect CGPA 10. In the Class XII exam, out of the 62 students who appeared 22 attained 90% and above, while 25 got between 80-89%. Congratulations to our six boys for scoring a perfect 100 in Psychology, Music, Economics and Art. The School topper is Prabhapaar Singh Batra with 96.2%. Aradhya Jindal topped the commerce stream scoring 95.4%. The Humanities stream was topped by Akshat Singh with 94.4%. This assures us that we are moving in just the right direction, from strength to strength and I am sure we all share the pride that encompasses my heart.

The dynamism and vibrance that characterise all that happens at Welham continues. The term kicked off with staff taking part in team bulding workshops in January. The passage of time with the old giving way to the new was marked with our annual Investiture and Graduation ceremonies.Our new Prefect bodyis doing a commendable job and we are impressed by the quality of leaders that we are producing.

Welham's dominance on the sports field continues too. Our success story in Basketball continues and we have won the All India Golden Jubilee Basketball Tournament yet again. But what truly lives on in our hearts is our comprehensive win in the finals of the Afzal Khan Basketball Tournament in which we lifted the Trophy. Our hockey team did us proud this year too as we emerged winners of the annual Kandhari Memorial Trophy for the second time in a row. Indeed the first time when we have lifted all these together in the same year! I must also mention Bistrit Gurung from grade 10 who was judged to be one of India's top football players for which he was awarded an all sponsored trip to Manchester United's stadium.

Our tryst with Round Square and MUN activities continues-attending, as well as hosting them. In fact, we look forward to our WELMUN once the School reopens and an international Round Square Conference in January 2018, and the preparations are already in full swing.

Welham has always laid emphasis on outdoor learning and our Mid Term trips ensure that your children continue to experience nature at its best, even in these times of grave environmental degradation. The standard of post-excursion,completely student driven presentations at assemblies has also seen huge improvement in terms of content and delivery. I am also proud to share with you the success of a twelve member team of boys and masters who were part of a successful expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp attaining a maximum altitude of 5380m. As I write this, another team of our boys is preparing to set off on an arduous 500 km cycling expedition from Manali to Leh.

The Saturday Night Fevers at the Theatron have become a much awaited activity now. The boys display their musical talents in an informal setting and there is a general bonhomie in the atmosphere. Our students are getting regular exposure to world class music through operas too. From the Spring Festival's musical extravaganza that created magic in the Activity Centre to our Round Square, debates and MUN activities, learning is at the core of what we do at Welham. Our boys not only attend but also organise and emerge victorious at such events and as the year wears on, the excitement is only sure to increase.Exchanges are a way of life in Welham Boys' now. We continue to facilitate these opportunities for our boys and as I write to you, three of our boys are busy in South Africa on an exchange.

None of these glorious accolades would have been possible without the tireless toil of the teaching staff, Housemasters, Housemothers, Wardens and support staff of the School. Huge credit is due, to the ever present support, both invisible and visible, of our Chairman, Mr. Darshan Singh and the Board of Governors. My deepest gratitude goes out to you as parents for standing in solidarity with the School in all its decisions ensuring that our boys get all the opportunities that they truly deserve. The glory of the School is as much because of you as anyone else.

I have always felt that it is very difficult to tell how a school is doing by looking only at results or achievements in sports and co-curricular activities, and the usual quantifiable. There is something intangible too, that one needs to “sense”. The most heartening aspect of this change is the sensitivity of each Welhamite to indulge in the care for the underprivileged. This term, alongside all our traditional academic and co-curricular activities, we have also become participants in NDTV's Behtar India initiative, promoting a cleaner environment as a means for improved health. The three tools of this programme are: protecting underprivileged children from mosquito bites, cleaning up an area in one's city and planting trees. Welhamites have made some remarkable contributions to this programme this term, as you may already know from the NDTV coverage we received. I urge you to motivate your son to collect as much funds as he can and donate to this wonderful noble initiative. Please find attached the procedure for students to make contributions to protect slum children against dengue. As always, I look forward to your cooperation in this endeavour too.

You are possibly aware that Adhaar Card as an identity is now almost a must for everybody. You are advised to get it made for your ward and submit a copy to the School. The same is also required for the CBSE registration for Board classes.

We are introducing OnPowerWeb, personal web profiles for students to digitally document their accomplishments and create a positive digital footprint. Each student will create a professional showcase of his achievements, projects, activities, travel, bucket list, accolades through his school life, so that you too can keep a track of what he is achieving during school. For a visually attractive web presence, it is recommended to support accomplishments with respective images, videos and all certificates. As parents, please assist your ward to create a repository of his achievements (scanned certificates, images and videos) so that when he comes back from his vacations, he is able to upload them and make a great website of his own. Should you feel it technologically challenging to be able to do so, please send a photocopy of his certificates of achievements when he joins School in the autumn term. We at School will provide the necessary training to him to scan his documents and do the needful

I hope our boys are enjoying a well-deserved break this holiday, and also that they are taking the opportunity to catch up with academics and things that they wish to devote time to but were constrained by their hectic boarding school schedule.

I look forward to meeting them again in July, rejuvenated and charged to take on the remaining activities of the year with the zeal that is typical of a Welhamite!

Warm regards,

Gunmeet Bindra

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