Round Square is a world-wide association of schools across five continents, sharing unique and ambitious goals. The member schools are currently working in Thailand, Cambodia, Peru, Honduras, India, Kenya, South Africa, Romania, and Canada.

As a part of team Round Square, at Welham, it is ensured that students make a strong commitment beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility. Tasks tackled through the community projects include building schools, classrooms, toilets and community centres; building clean water systems for remote hill-tribes or creating and maintaining trails in National Parks. Local materials are used and teams always work with local people ensuring that they take ownership of the work, once it has been completed.

The Round Square approach promotes six IDEALS of learning: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service which are incorporated into the curriculum of the school.

Access to the Round Square network affords the school the opportunity to arrange local and international student and teacher exchanges on a regular basis. Pupils also have the opportunity to participate in local and international community service projects and conferences.

This year, the students participated in the following international and regional conferences:

  • Round Square Conference from 27th Dec. to 30th Dec. 2013 at Indian High School, Dubai. The theme of the conference was "Net Ethics".
  • Round Square Trek and Adventure Camp, from 26th April to 30th April 2014 at All Saints College , Nanital. The theme of the camp was "Scale the Heights".
  • Young Round Square International Conference from 4th May to 10th May, 2014 at Dainfern College, Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme was "The Guide to Survival".
  • Round Square Regional Conference from 14th August to 16th August, 2014 at RKK Girls Public School, Jodhpur. The theme of the conference was "Entretenir La Nature - Nurture Nature".
  • Round Square International Conference from 7th October to 12th October, 2014 at Kings Academy, Jordan. The theme of the conference was "Al Salamu Alaikum".

Round Square Girl Child Toilet Project

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and at the initiative of our Prime Minister, Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun, started the Girl Child project at the Government Primary School, Sudhowala. The shramdaan project was attended by students of class XII with the teacher incharge, Mr. Rakesh Bhatt. The team cleared the bushes at the place where toilets are to be constructed. They also dug the foundation for the upcoming structure. The students from WBS also played Kho- Kho with the students of the Primary school. It really was a sight to behold! Students demonstrated lots of enthusiasm for the Girl Child toilet project initiated by the school.

Outreach plays a large role in Welham Boys' School. In an effort to inculcate compassion during their formative years and give back to the society and environment that sustains us, we at Welham Boys feel that this mission could work wonders on the fertile minds of the young learners who are in our care. There are several activities we undertake each year with funds generated through special fund raising events and even contribute from our own pockets or tuck money. These activities draw the boys to dedicate themselves selflessly through hard work. Not only has this served to bring out the spirit of cooperative effort but has helped them to understand the shortages and needs of their more underprivileged brethren. Some of the more recent activities are mentioned below.

Welham Boys’ - Wasatch Jaidwar Joint Project 2011

This project was a joint effort by students of Welham Boys’ and the Wasatch Academy, USA. The students of the two schools spent a week in Jaidwar, an idyllic village in Jamuna valley where they worked on completing the toilets and baths attached to the Community Centre, which we had built earlier in 2009. Their second area of work was putting in a water pipeline from the source (mountain spring) to the Community Centre. Lastly they cleared out rocks, stones and earth from the proposed playfield for the youth of Jaidwar. Apart from the work, the students interacted closely with the village folk and forged bonds which made their goodbyes very touching. Most were in tears as they left Jaidwar.

Games and Sports in Jaidwar, 2011

Continuing with our effort to support games and sports for the youth of Jaidwar, we replenished the stock of sports equipment that was gifted to the village in the last two years. It is indeed heartening to learn that of late the village youth have regularly been participating in regional competitions in Athletics, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton and Cricket, where team Jaidwar has returned with many a trophy. This year too, the Jaidwar Youth Sports Committee organized the 3rd Welham Boys’ Jaidwar Sports Meet in May, a three day sports fixture with about 12 surrounding villages participating in sports and festivities. Encouraged by the success of this effort, we are considering cutting out a play ground for them from the land allocated by the Jaidwar Gram Sabha.

Sumgarh Project, 2011

The unusually heavy monsoons wreaked havoc across Uttarakhand last year. One of the worst tragedies to occur during this period was in the village of Sumgarh in District Bageshwar, Uttarakhand (India), where a primary school collapsed, leaving 18 children dead. Welham Boys' School, in an effort to alleviate the suffering and the trauma of the children of Sumgarh, initiated the process of rebuilding a library, aiming to do and provide the following:

The construction of the library building, 18’ x 14’, furniture for the library, computers and a printer and a stock of books and periodicals. In January 2011, a group of Welham Boys students along with those of the Wasatch Academy, worked on the foundation and building of the Library that we are building for the school that was reduced to rubble in Sumgarh. The construction of the project building has reached the roof level, complete with door, window and ventilator frames. The furniture has been procured and awaits the completion of the roof casting and finishing. The construction will be completed and handed over in 2011.

Drug Abuse Workshop and Street Theatre, 2011

This year our Workshop and Street Theatre was held in the first week of February, 2011. As we have done in the past, we will continue to take forward this fight against substance abuse and hold StreetTheatres at several strategic locations across Dehra Dun.

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