Welham Boys' School aims at providing a secure, nurturing and supportive environment for students. A strong pastoral system ensures that each child grows up with a sense of ownership and a feeling of belonging.

On joining school in grade 3, the student resides in the Oliphant House. Earlier known as Woodseats, the hostel was later renamed in the memory of the founder, Miss H. S. Oliphant. The House provides the same warmth and care that was envisioned by Miss Oliphant when she started the school in 1937.The Housemother resides in the House and facilitates the students in their first step towards a new life.

After a year in the Oliphant House, the students of classes 4 and 5 live together in Narmada and Rispana Hostels for the next two years. Named after rivers, these Hostels provide an amiable atmosphere to the students and help them towards becoming self reliant. A Prefect Body chosen from amongst the students helps the resident Housemothers in the smooth running of the House, ensuring that the students are well prepared for the transition to Middle School.

The Junior School Coordinator looks after the emotional needs of the students of the three Hostels. She is a friend, mentor and guide, steering the students towards positive character formation. The Tutors attached to each House share meals with the students, mind their table etiquette, visit the Hostels and interact with the students, sharing their joys and sorrows at every step. A tutor is the bridge between a child’s academic and hostel life and is a like foster parent to the child.

As the students move on to Middle School, they are integrated House wise into four Houses, namely, Ganga - B, Jamuna - B, Cauvery - B and Krishna - B. The House spirit manifests strongly during the Middle School years in classes 6, 7 and 8. There are regular competitions amongst the four Houses in various disciplines such as Debating, Quizzing, Dramatics, Music and Sports.

Each House is monitored and run by the House Master who resides in the House he is attached to. The House Master is the father figure in the House, maintaining discipline yet guiding each student through the development process. Housemothers, Tutors and House Captains contribute towards the efficient running of the House. The Middle School Pastoral Coordinator looks after the smooth transition of the students into the Middle School Houses, sensitizing them towards adolescent issues, peer relationships, handling responsibilities and anger management.

By the time a student enters the Senior School Hostel the House spirit, identity and ethos are strongly established. Ganga - A, Jamuna - A, Krishna - A and Cauvery - A are the four Senior Houses for students of 9, 10, 11 and 12. The Housemaster remains the driving force of each House well supported by Wardens/Housemothers, Tutors and the Prefectorial body.

The Dean of Students Welfare is involved with all facets of a student’s life. He is the disciplining authority and a considerate counsel. He connects with the students, motivating and inspiring them to improve in all aspects of school life. He devotes his time towards the happiness and well being of each child inspiring through love and guidance through knowledge, and in the process, preparing them for life outside Welham Boys' School.