14th June, 2013

Dear Parents,

Once again, it gives me great pleasure to connect with you at the end of this year’s Spring Term. Jubilation at Welham Boys’ School has extended beyond the Platinum Jubilee, for the Class of 2013 has given us reasons to extend the celebrations. We at Welham Boys’ are intoxicated with the exhilaration that the class X & XII Board results have brought for us. With the class XII batch average of 85.43% (as against 79.7% last year), we have actually outperformed all the leading CBSE boarding schools in the country!!

Out of the 45 boys who took the class XII Board exam, 17 of them have scored above 90%, 18 students secured between 80-89%, 9 of them between 70-79%, and only 1 student secured below 70%. Raghav Mittal topped the school scoring 96.8 percent. We had a substantial upscale in the subject averages too. Our class X Board examinees (71 students) have taken a quantum leap with 18 of them scoring a perfect 10 CGPA as against 5 students last year. Another 34 students secured CGPA-9 and above, while the grades of 17 of them ranged between 8.0 and 8.8. Only two students were in the 7.0-7.8 range. Congratulations to the parents and students for this astounding display of academic excellence !

My sense of joy and satisfaction is immense at this time because of myriad other reasons too. Success in basketball, at all levels, has only gone to reaffirm our faith in our boys’ abilities. They have proved, for the current year at least, that they are the champions and invincible in the basketball courts. Barring the Winmumby competition where we were the runners up, we have lifted the cup everywhere! Hockey at the senior school level was not as good as last year but our U-14 team is going strong and finished runners up at the IPSC Hockey. I am confident that we will get better in this sport. 

At the Ms. Saroj Srivastava Debate, our boys finally lifted the trophy that we had been eyeing for many years. Winning the Scindia Inter School National Quiz Championship 2013 and finishing runners up at the Welham Girls’ Ms. Russell Inter School Quiz after a series of  nail biting tie breaking rounds are an assurance that our enhanced efforts at improving the general awareness of our boys are in the right direction.

For those of you who missed the Spring Festival, you have actually deprived yourself not only of the pleasure of witnessing the gala music and dance competition, but also the bliss of watching an outstanding performance by the Ganga House boys-a performance that left all of us enchanted!!.

Our art Department has always been our pride. Its triumph went notches higher with one of our students winning the “Who Are You” Painting Competition at the global level and his artwork was supersized onto billboards across the UK from 20th May, 2013 for two full weeks.

Our Round Square activities are going full throttle. Attending and arranging these prestigious conferences   is now becoming a way of life for Welhamites. 

Like the year left behind, this year too, students have gone on exchange programmes to schools abroad. Two of them went to the USA and another six will be off to New South Wales in July. In fact, as I write to you, a team of students,escorted by two staff members, are attending a school in Australia, and one of our staff members is participating in an Educational Leadership Programme in UK.

Mid terms and expeditions, the very essence of our school, have been more than satisfying. 

It is my pride and joy to inform you that the work on the swimming pool is progressing at break neck speed and our children will have the opportunity to utilize this facility as soon as the autumn term begins. Work on the amphitheatre has also begun and we hope to see it completed by Founder’s this year. Our new state of the art tennis courts are a great attraction to our players.

The tireless and single-minded efforts of our staff, at every level, which has helped the school to achieve the heights it has scaled, deserves felicitation. The generous and ever available support of the Chairman and the Board of Governors, the commitment of parents to remain by our side and my own undying dream to make this august institution move up the highest rungs of glory, along with the hard work of our boys, will surely help us in taking Welham Boys’ from strength to strength.

Before I sign off, I need to make a mention of the revised Journey arrangement forms. As per our current practice, these forms are filled afresh every term by parents. We have noticed, after a careful study of the pattern, that by and large there is negligible variation in the journey arrangement preferences given by the parents. Delays by parents in sending the forms results in bookings done in instalments i.e. only for forms received well in advance, are bookings done well in time. As the forms keep trickling in, reservations keep getting done. This, however, means that sometimes students are accommodated in different coaches/flights, much to our discomfort with regard to safety.

To streamline journey arrangements, in addition to other steps taken by the school, it has been decided to get Journey Arrangement requests from parents as a permanent request (subject to change only on a written request). Please go through the attached revised Journey Instructions Form  carefully and return the duly filled form to the school latest by 20th July, 2013. Should you have any queries in this regard, please contact the school.

We hope that you spend an excellent summer vacation with your family and friends.

God bless !

Gunmeet Bindra

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