19th June, 2014

Dear Parent,

There are things we do year after year but the joy in doing these only keeps multiplying. Communicating with you at the end of the term is one such thing. Thus, once again, it gives me great pleasure to connect with you at the end of this year’s Spring Term. My sense of satisfaction is immense at this time because of myriad reasons.

All of us are aware, the term has been packed with action. Following a meaningful and successful staff workshop with the Qualifications and Assessments International, UK were the Investiture and Graduation ceremonies where we had the privilege of hearing some wonderful words from our Chief Guest, parents of outgoing students and the Head Boy. It increases my belief that we are moving in the right direction and are successfully producing ‘Welhamites’, who are true to our hopes and aspirations.

Success in Basketball, at every level this year, has only gone to reaffirm and justify our faith in our boys’ abilities. They have proved, for the current year at least, that they are undoubtable champions and invincible in the Basketball courts. With even the elusive Winmumby Competition in our kitty, we have gone on to lift the Winner’s trophy, in every contest we were a part of. Our Hockey team too, did us proud this year. We ‘sailed’ through to the finals, overcoming the toughest competitors along the way. Going by our performance last year, this is no mean achievement, indeed! And this is the flavour of life itself! You win somewhere and lose somewhere. Our boys are learning well the art of coping with failure and celebrating success with humility, essential life skills for anyone, especially today.

Our Round Square and MUN activities are going full throttle. Attending and arranging these prestigious conferences   is now becoming a way of life for Welhamites. We have an action-packed calendar lined up for these activities, this year. Mid terms and expeditions have taken a whole new meaning and experience this term.

It is my pride and joy to inform you that the amphitheatre, Theatron was inaugurated on 11th April, 2014 during our Spring Festival, and a large enthralled audience joined us in celebrating the event. Promises made are being delivered and the school is proceeding on the path of its outlined vision.

The results of this year’s class X and XII board examinations are like a dream come true! Congratulations to the parents and students for the amazing display of academic excellence.

Class XII: Jai Vikram Singh, the School topper did us very proud by scoring a whopping 99.2%. What is also unprecedented is that we have this year, a total of 6 cent percent scores: Jai Vikram Singh and Akul Gurtu scored a100 in English; Raghav Goel and Rahul Bahri scored a 100 in Political Science. Psychology and Art were also stamped with a 100 by Jai Vikram. Of the 57 students who appeared, 20 students secured 90% and above and 16 secured between 80-89%.

Class X: - 14 students scored a Cumulative Grade Point Average-10 (CGPA-10), the highest possible grade. Another 25 students secured CGPA-9 and above while the grades of 18 ranged between 8.0 and 8.8.

It is worth mentioning that all this would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of our teaching staff, the unstinting support from the Board of Governors, and assurance from the parents to stay by our side.

We hope that you spend a blissful summer vacation with your near and dear ones.

Warm regards

Gunmeet Bindra

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