Celebrating and nurturing the three ‘E’s in Education on January 28th, 2015

A training session for the staff was conducted by Mrs. Jyotsana Bharadwaj. She is a progressive educator and a master trainer with CBSE. She has worked as a Curriculum development consultant. She also serves as a faculty for International Diploma in guidance and Counseling course at NCERT.

Mrs. Bharadwaj talked about the three ‘E’s of education i.e. Engagement, Ethics and Excellence. She stressed that every child is on a voyage of discovery, no matter what he/she becomes later in life, he is in our responsible care. We need to help him discover himself. According to her, engagement means endearing yourself to the student in the class. The students should be occupied in such a manner that they should want to be in the class. The class should be engaged in such a manner that children of all intelligence levels should be involved.

The role of an educator has changed. 21st century education makes the classroom as dynamic as the world around us. Family environments and systems have changed. There is a change in attitudes and beliefs. The challenges today are different. The equation between the teacher and student has changed. The teacher needs to prepare the students for life. We need to teach the children to be all-rounders with excellent life skills.

Technology and education go hand in hand today. We need to upgrade ourselves. But though technology plays a vital role, it cannot replace the teacher who plays the role of a friend, philosopher and guide. To play this role, the teacher has to be a role model . The teacher needs to blend academic skills with life skills. In this process, we need to take care of the IQ as well as the EQ. Education is not just making a living; it’s about making a life.

The workshop was informative and well received. It helped us to inculcate the three ‘E’s ‘of education- Engagement, Ethics and Excellence.

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