2nd Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival

The Forest Dept. of Uttarkhand celebrated the 2nd Spring Bird Festival on 5th and 6th Feb. 2015. The destination was Jim Corbett Conservation Centre & the Eco Tourism village Kaladungi, Distt. Nainital, which is the village (now a township), where Mr. Jim Corbett spent the better part of his life.

A team of 18 boys from the Photography, Bird Watching and Nature walk club escorted by Mr. S S Khaira and Mr. Jai Ranjan Kagdee, participated in this festival. The highlights of the festival were Uttarkhand’s unique bird diversity, Jim Corbett’s Heritage and Rural Tourism initiatives.

To inaugurate the festival, Mr. Tom Alter launched Mrs. Anjali Bhartari’s book ‘Walking with Corbett, a guide book to Jim Corbett’s heritage in Kaladungi and Nainital.

Thereafter, Heritage walks and Bird watching trips were organized. The heritage walk with Mr. Alter and Anjali Bhartari, was along the Canal and River Bor. The canal, about five feet in width runs across the forest and is a home to many species of birds. Along the canal is Arundale, Jim Corbett’s ancestral home. Beyond the Gherat situated on the canal also lay the third heritage site – The Iron Foundry erected by Messer’s Davis & Co. in 1858.


The 33 Km Bird watching trail was planned retracing the footsteps of Jim Corbett. The famous point where Jim Corbett filmed seven tigers together was shown too. Several species of birds fluttered around in the forest. Some of them were exotic such as the Black Crested Bulbul and Blue Bearded Bee-eater. Almost 56 bird species were observed like Rufous Treepie, White Wagtail, Slaty Headed Parakeet, Red Wattled Lapwing, Lesser Flameback, Canneries tit, White Capped Redstart, Fantail flycatcher, Himalayan bulbul, Sprangled drongo and the Brahmini mynah. The bird watching trail through the forest connects to the Nainital Road which leads to the museum.


Tom Alter dramatized and read out some stories in the museum during the Book Reading Session. National award winning documentaries on Tigers by the Bedi Brothers were also shown.

At Chuna Khan, stalls were put up by forests teams of Corbett Tiger Reserve and Pawalgarh conservation Reserve and also by some local artists.

Workshop on Bird Science & Conservation was conducted by Mr. Dhanajay Mohan, Chief conservator of forests. It was followed by Digital Photography Workshop by famous bird photographer of Kolkata, Mr. Sumit Sen. He shared his experiences and techniques about bird photography with the participants.

The entire festival was hugely informative and a treat for bird lovers.

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