Self Discipline- A Key to Success in Life

A work shop on Self Discipline was conducted by Mrs. Jyotsna Bharadwaj on12th February 2015, for the students of class 8.

Through interesting role play and discussion, Mrs. Bharadwaj explained that self discipline involves acting according to what one thinks instead of how one feels in the moment. Often it demands sacrificing the pleasure and thrill of the moment, for what matters most in life.


Group dramatizations of various situations and choices that the students face every day, facilitated them to look at the concern from other people’s perspective. Students also created acrostics on Self Discipline and played some self restraint games. The self assessment sheets helped them to reflect on their learning and its application. Mrs. Bharadwaj elaborated on the 3 techniques for Self Discipline - Challenges, choices and consequences. She also shared with the students the importance of control, motivation, persistence and goals, and how these are truly the four key ingredients of self discipline. The students found the workshop extremely effective, engaging and helpful.


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