Workshop on leadership and team building

A workshop on leadership and team building was conducted by Brigadier Trigunesh Mukherjee, AVSM on 1st March 2015 for the 48 students of class XII. It was conducted partly in School and partly at a place called Shaheen Bagh. Spanning over the entire day the workshop was divided into multiple sessions. An introductory ice breaking session focused on getting the students to know each other.


They learnt the introductory lessons on leadership and a practical approach to motivation by creating an environment which induces self-motivation. Also the need to shift from “I have to” to “I want to” being critical in establishing such an environment was emphasized by the workshop leader. At Shaheen Bagh, the activities involved team building, individual accountability and responsibility. The sessions allowed the students to develop their planning skills, formulate their social and moral values along with building of team spirit.


They learnt the importance of accountability that comes along with decision making and ownership. A self reflection session involved answering a set of questions where students had to express themselves to questions like “Things I am good at”, “What I appreciate in others”, “One day I would like to”. This allowed them to explore their identity and value system. The output was a beautiful, symbolic expression of their thoughts on charts. These were displayed and shared with others. Group tasks with 6 to 7 in a group helped to foster team spirit. For example, the tower building with blocks allowed them to work as a team, be more accountable and responsible for their actions.


Furniture building activity was a classic problem solving activity involving planning, time management, individual responsibility etc. Each session was followed with a discussion. At the end of the each discussion, Brigadier Mukherjee beautifully wove all the points which students had expressed into a well defined learning. At the end of the workshop, each student was expected to share their individual learning. They defined the benchmarks for the school and their role in achieving these benchmarks. Overall it was a fruitful workshop for all the students and the staff who attended the session.

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