Mega Spellathon Report Junior School 2015

The Junior School organized a thrilling Mega Spellathon on 2th March, 2015. Theme based Spellathons were conducted throughout the year. Based on their results, twelve strong spellers of classes 4, 5, and 6 were selected. They were divided into four teams with three boys in each team from classes 4, 5 and 6.

The Mega Spellathon consisted of Four Rounds. First Round was Speak Spell Speak, Second was Kinesthetic, Third was Anagram and Fourth and Final Round was Rapid Fire Round. There were spellings for the audience as well.

After the second round, two teams carried on to participate in the Final Round. The winners were Jigme Wangdi Lachungpa of class 6, Rudransh Agarwal of class 5 and Yughav Bhatia of class 4. The Runners up were Vishal Kumar Gupta from class 4, Rajbir Singh from class 5 and Samarth Pal from class 6.

Ms. Louisa Joseph shared her views on the Spellathon and motivated the audience by asking spelling of difficult words. Many children spelt some difficult words correctly and were awarded a chocolate each as a reward.

The winners will be awarded certificates on the Scholar’s Recognition Day.

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