Life Skills Workshop-2015

The Spring Festival at Welham Boys’ School was kick started with the Life Skills Workshop for the students. This two day long engaging and fun filled workshop is an annual event. It is planned to inculcate life skills in the students.

There was a kaleidoscope of activities like Adventure, Arts and Crafts, Potter’s Wheel, Swimming, Theatre, Photography, MUN and Music and Dance.

Adventure: There were six adventure activities conducted by experts. Rope Course.

This activity helped the students get rid of the fear of heights and taught them to balance on the rope. Apart from this, it also helped them to develop the spirit of fraternity.

Wall Climbing

This activity was conducted on the new wall built in the old tennis court. It worked wonders in developing self confidence.

Target Jump

The students were pulled up to stand on the branch of the tree and touched the bottle which was a target to help them reach the fixed goal.

Dangle Do

The students climbed a rope ladder along with a partner. Together, they helped each other achieve the goal.

Zip Line

This involved a free drop from an inclined rope to experience what a flying fox does every day. It was a fantastic activity.

Music: The theme was music from Walt Disney films. The students practiced different foot tapping songs.

Art and Craft: The school invited professionals who were skilled in different types of art. The students tried their hands on Gond Art, Madhubani Painting, Stencil Art and Block Printing.

Potter’s Wheel: A fun filled activity in which the students made pen stands, pots, piggy banks and diyas.

Swimming: A refreshing dip in the pool at the onset of summer was welcome by one and all. The students practiced breast and back stroke.

MUN: The students were taught the proceedings and processes of MUN.

Photography: The students were taught how to use a digital camera.

Theatre: This was conducted by Professionals from The Habib Tanvir Group from Bhopal. The students were fruitfully engaged in games and were exposed to different techniques used in theatre. They wrote creative short scripts and also dramatized them.

Aerospace: A very interesting activity where the students were shown a video on light and they were asked to conduct some experiments. They were shown a laser torch which was powerful and was able to blow up a balloon. It could even blind a person, if used irresponsibly. They were also taught to create a Tetra Head and hoped to create a 5 ft tall pyramid.

The activities were a great learning experience with a lot of fun and enjoyment. The students were fruitfully occupied.

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