Principal's Letter 22 Apr 2012

Dear Parent,

On behalf of the students and staff of the Welham Boys' School, I write to invite you to the 75th Founder's Day celebrations. The three-day celebrations will be held on the 30th of November, 1st December, and 2nd December, 2012 in the school campus.

75 years is by no means a short period of time. It is both, substantial and substantive. Substantial, because it is no mean feat for an institution to not just exist for 75 years but to flourish and grow, true to the school's motto from 'strength to strength.' Substantive because this is testament to the inherent strength and character of the School. From modest beginnings as a preparatory school established by Ms. H S Oliphant in 1937, which served to prepare boys for admission to elite and established Public Schools, Welham Boys' has grown to be an elite and established Public School itself- at par with the very same institutions that it was a feeder for- based on the same values and directions of its Founder.

Over the years, our boys have consistently achieved stellar academic results; our sports teams have established a fearsome reputation in most inter-school and national fixtures. Our debate, MUN and quiz teams have won laurels at various competitions in India and abroad. The Learning Differently Centre, our various social outreach programmes, the vibrant co-curricular activity culture have all played a vital role in shaping the School as we know it today.  The school's infrastructure has constantly expanded to cater to requirements of this growth. Our dedicated administration and teaching staff have played a crucial and significant role in this journey. 

And what does Welham Boys' School mean to all of us? For some, it evokes nostalgia and camaraderie; for some, a place that fostered a passion for excellence- in academics, sport and extra- curricular activities. Some will remember it as the place where they first came into their own- from being unsure, homesick, lost boys to mature, responsible and confident young adults. 

Welham taught (and learned) as many lessons in classrooms as it did on the Main Field, at Bethany and in Triveni. Of all these things- a school, a home, a family, Welham Boys' School, above all is an 'ideal.' More than what it was, or is, or will be, our strength lies in all that Welham Boys does and stands for- excellence in academics and sports, a concern for our immediate and general environment- not just the physical but the social as well, and above all – a commitment towards producing responsible, just, honourable human beings, multidimensional in their interests, and excited about the pursuit of knowledge.

At a juncture such as this, at a milestone such as this- it is but natural to celebrate our many achievements. A host of Activities and events are planned all through the year, leading up to the Founders Day.  It is but natural to look back with a sense of pride. Correspondingly, it is but fitting that we look forward with a sense of renewed confidence and zest. 

We celebrate the Platinum Jubilee from the 30th of November till 2nd December, 2012 (detailed programme will be sent in due course).   I request you and your family to join us at Welham Boys' School, for these celebrations.

Warm regards

Yours sincerely,
Gunmeet Bindra

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