Attitude and Enthusiasm

Mr. Vineet Bahuguna conducted a training workshop for the teachers of WBS on July 13, 2015. The theme was “Attitude and Enthusiasm”. He stressed on the importance of a positive attitude and inherent enthusiasm. Attitudes are shaped through our ideas, opinions, beliefs and views that we acquire over the years through our life experiences. One of the important steps is to learn to monitor attitude and its impact on work performance. He emphasized the need of choosing an inner dialogue of self encouragement and self motivation. Our attitude determines how successful we can be. We need to override our habit of self pity and complaining and replace it with a conscious, positive internal voice of enthusiasm. He highlighted the need to rediscover ourselves, turn attitude into action, have goals and be passionate about our profession to be triumphant. He accentuated the fact that employers appreciate employees who not only produce results, but also motivate others in the workplace. The workshop concluded with the reaffirmation and reassurance that everything we hear is an opinion and everything we see is a perspective and not the truth.

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