Aggression Versus Assertiveness

The Student Development Cell of Welham Boys’ School organized a workshop for Classes 7th and 8th and for Middle School Reps. on Aggression Versus Assertiveness.

The Workshop was conducted by Dr.Manisha Sahni on Sunday, 30th August 2015.

She explained that anger is an emotion and aggression is behaviour. When faced with aggression we have the power to stay calm, keep our mouth closed, walk away and not use physical force.


Through discussion, videos and role plays the students understood that there are three responses to conflict- Passive, Aggressive or Assertive.



She also spoke about the fight versus flight syndrome and how being exposed to violence could make us an aggressor, a victim or a bystander.



All of us go through unhelpful Red thoughts and helpful Green thoughts. We also have comfortable and uncomfortable feelings. All these manifest into positive or negative behaviour. Square breathing and positive visualization help us to stay relaxed and not over react to situations.



The learning outcome from this workshop was that it is only us and our behavior that falls in the circle of control and being assertive creates a Win Win situation for everyone.

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