Oliphant Memorial Debates

The 25th Annual Oliphant Memorial Debates were held at the Activity Centre, from 12th to 13th September in memory of Ms Hersilia Susie Oliphant, Founder, Welham Boys’ School. The debates this year saw the participation of 12 schools and over 36 debaters.

The Preliminary Rounds were held on 12 September in the Oxford format which saw teams being divided into three pools for three rounds of debates. THBT we are headed in the right direction, THBT money motivates people more than any other factor in the workplace and THBT it is better to date someone attractive and popular rather than someone smart and intelligent were the three motions that were debated. Four teams qualified for the Semi- Finals. Devansh Agarwal of The Doon School won two best speaker awards and Kartikeya Chamola of Doon International School one. Along with the award they won a cash prize of Rs.3000 each.

A stimulating literary quiz in honour of the 25th year of the Debates was hosted. 6 teams qualified for the finals after a grueling written round. Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie scored the most number of points in the written round but the host school, Welham Boys’ won the final Quiz.


On 13 September, the Semi final and the Final rounds were held in the Parliamentary and the modified Cambridge formats, respectively. The topic for the Semi-Finals was “Large Scale Migration, Especially from the Developing World to The Developed Countries is a Force for Good”. The Doon School and Saint Joseph’s Academy proposed the motion, whereas Welham Boys’ School and Mayo College opposed it. The side government, proposing the motion, won the debate and qualified for the finals. Chataniya Kediyal of The Doon School won the Best Speaker Award. The finalists for the debates were The Doon School and St. Joseph’s Academy.


The topic for the finals was “Defending the Enemy of One’s Nation is Free Legitimate Speech” with St Joseph’s Academy as the Opposition and The Doon School team as Proposition speakers. It was closely contested. Doon School, Dehradun were adjudged the winners, they won a cash prize of Rs.20, 000 and lifted the trophy, whereas, the runners up received Rs.12, 000 as a cash prize. The award - Principal’s Commendation Card for the best debater was given to Surabhi Soni of Maharani Gayatri Devi, Jaipur while Devansh Agarwal of The Doon School was adjudged the best speaker

His Excellency, the Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand, Dr. K.K.Paul, presided as the Chief Guest of the Final Round of the Oliphant Memorial Debates 2015 which was chaired by Ms Jyotsna Brar, Principal, Welham Girls’ School. The final debate was witnessed by Mr. Hitesh Mahajan, an alumnus of Welham Boys’ School who has been sponsoring the prizes since 2012. The winners were presented with the trophy by the Governor and the debates were formally closed.

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