Grandparents’ Day

A large and happy crowd gathered in the Activity Centre for this year’s event – more people, more grey hair and more smiles than the room is used to on a Friday morning! And once the opening prayer had set the theme, Viraj Lohia from Grade 6 recited a beautiful poem in praise of his grandparents that he had written for the occasion – the first of two such deliveries in the programme, Devraj from Grade 7 delivering the second. The Junior Choir was in splendid voice with the song Grandma, Grandpa, I Love You, the words projected on a screen so anyone who wanted to could join in. The comic Hindi skit was about a man falling down a pit: confident and cartoon-style acting around a strong central performance made this whole piece hilariously charismatic. Four teams of grandparents tested their wits against each other before everyone moved to the front of the stage for a game of musical chairs where we saw cut-throat competition. The on-stage dance switched from Indian music to an Elvis Presley number that is as old as most of the grandparents! It didn’t stop lots of them joining and cheering in. And finally, with gifts for the residents of Prem Dham and prizes presented by the Principal, this fun and heart warming event came to a close.
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