A simulation of a MUN but a transformed idea can be referred to as ICAN. It is an initiative of young entrepreneurs who have come together to imbibe in students, life skills ranging from negotiations to deliberations, from being a part of advertisement sector to being parliamentarians, it has it all.

The two-days conference comprised screening of videos made by delegates, elections, rallying and canvassing, formation and fall of government, speeches by parliamentarians (delegates) to muster support, radio advertisement of corporate houses (companies), formation of joint ventures and negotiations between CEOs of corporate houses and media houses to strike the best contract.

Students from four schools including Mussoorie International School, EcoleGlobale, WynbergAllyn and Welham Boys’ School participated in this second edition of WBSICAN.This edition saw 2 major changes to the still evolving ICAN concept like the introducing of joint ventures and the addition of a new house for formation of laws- RajyaSabha (Council of states). This provoked more of deliberation, discussion and negotiations.


Akshit Batra and his team quite evidently worked very hard and were assisted by a team of boys selected from Welham Boys’ to help them in marking and for smooth functioning of the conference. This team of boys also received appreciation by the ICAN team for working diligently to make this conference a success.

This opportunity of being in the Executive Board (the team to assist them) was a very enriching experience for them as they got to know how it feels to be on the other side of the table to, to judge the people on their hard work and knowing how actually you are judged. Not only them but this event encompassed developing of all soft skills which is essential for our inclusive growth.


But in the end like other events this also was acompetitive event and was to be judged and awarded for. The difference was that it was not an inter-school event but allparticipants were part of teams whose members where from different schools inviting interaction of student and resulting in building bonds of friendship.

These two days of conference housed an atmosphere in our school to build life skills like teamwork, building confidence, public speaking, etc and also gave us exposure to how world functions. This has also indeed inspired many young minds to come up with new ideas and their success has also strengthened the beliefs that it is not very difficult to become an entrepreneur.

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