Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2016

The Graduation Ceremony was held at 6:15pm on Feb7,2016 and was presided over by Mr. N. Ravi Shankar, Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Uttarakhand.The principal initiated the proceedings with a prayer followed by the address to the outgoing class. During the course of this one- hour ceremony ,all out-going students of the Class of 2016 received citations from the Chief Guest. Welham Boys’ School recognized those students who have achieved laurels in various fields over the course of the year by awarding various subject awards and Scholar’s Scarves.

Abhimanyu Singh Thakur of Krishna House received the prestigious Sportsman of the Year award, Yash Goel of Ganga House was awarded Service to the Community Award and the Faculty Award for Exemplary Behaviour went to Sheikh Safan Fayaz of Jamuna House. The coveted Kataria Trophy for the Best All Rounder went to Aishwarya Soni of Krishna House.

The Principal’s Commendation Award this year was given to two of the graduating students namely, Aditya Rathi and Sheikh Safan Fayaz.The much awaited, most prestigious Gulab Ramchandani Award for The Gentleman of the Year was awarded to Aditya Agarwal of Ganga House.

In his address to the School, Mr Agarwal (father of Aditya Aagarwal)thanked the Staff and the School for their role in bringing up their boys and exhorted the outgoing class to conduct themselves with dignity and diligence to bring further honour to their School. Also as a part of the Welham legacy, the school captain delivered his very sentimental fairwell address which talked about him and his batch as growing individuals and discovering their character traits in the process of aquiring education at Welham Boys’.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Ravi Shankar, in his speech commended the School for its role in moulding the future citizens and leaders of this country. He emphasized the need for students who have had the privilege of a good education to contribute towards the betterment of those who have not been so fortunate. He also went on to say that change is the only constant and students must adapt to change in this world of opportunities for which Welham Boys’ provides a very strong foundation to build upon. The Ceremony concluded with the outgoing class lighting Chinese Wish Lanterns which symbolize the release of tensions and problems.

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