Story Telling Workshop


Storytelling is the oldest form of Education. We store information in the brain in the form of stories. The process of constructing stories in the mind is one of the most fundamental ways of making meaning and thus pervades all aspects of learning, regardless of age. Storytelling is unmatched as a tool for stimulating the imagination. Welham Boys’ hasn't forgotten that kids love listening to stories.


To keep the interest of reading going, Welham Boys’ organised a story telling session on February 15, 2016 by Ms. Usha Venkatraman, Mumbai's leading Storyteller and a self taught Puppeteer. She uses puppets as an educational tool. Her repertoire includes a range of Indian folktales and stories from Indian Mythology which lets students sample our ancient heritage.


The main objective of the workshop was to strengthen the writing skills and play Story Games. It was also to improve imagination and visualization and make simple puppets with paper.

The students enjoyed the session very much.




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