‘TEDxYouth@wbs’, the second edition of the ‘TEDx’ event in schoolwas held on 9th of February, 2020. Its goal was to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, ignite a spark and cover a wide range of subjects, themes and topics pertinent to the youth, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder, and provoke conversations that matter. In line with the TEDx guidelines, the audience comprised of students from schools across Dehradun, dignitaries and fellow Welhamites. The event was curated by Sannidhya Aggarwal and Ms Rashmi Rawat.

After a rigorous process of screening, selection and invitations, six speakers finally presented their ideas and they were widely appreciated.Ms. Nabila Jamshed, a ‘Public Policy’ and ‘Political Affairs’specialistat the United Nations came up first and talked about the ‘exponential steps’ we needed to take to truly evolve as a society and cooperate with one another. Next was Dr. Anand Gokani, who inspired the audience with his journey through life, and fight against ‘Cataract’. He was diagnosed at an early age, but managed his education in school and college, along with sports with immense determination and hard work. He got himself operated much later in life. The third speaker was Mr. Gundeep Singh Bindra, who won the crowd with his hacking skills. He explained how hacking was majorly about ‘accepting the challenge’, and not being afraid. Moreover, he performed a live hack on stage which was a very different presentation compared to those of the other speakers.

After a soup break and lively discussions on the previous speakers, Mr. Tathagata Chowdhury, an amazing actor himself and the founder of ‘Theatrician’, spoke about the diagnosis of his ‘Cancer’ and his corresponding take on life. He was very inspiring with his wordsand touched various hearts with his story. Sir was followed by Mr. Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer, an innovator who has worked with many MNCs. He talked about various approaches to innovation which included innovation through forming teams of people with diverse interests and skills and then brainstorming. The last speaker for the evening was Mr. Jeroninio Almeida, who swept the crowd with his oratory and ideas. He talked about how social service has become a farce today and that we should work towards helping the under-privileged with pure intentions, and not for service project awards.

The speeches were followed by dinner and discussion on the talks amongst the students. Everyone was fascinated by the kind of ideas put forth by the speakers, and made an attempt to understand the multiple angles through which one can perceive his/her life. All-in-all, the event was a huge success. It invited lots of compliments from the audience and set an even higher standard for the TEDx which is to be conducted next year.

Content checked by R. Rawat