Arthur Hughes Inter House English Debate for Middle School

The LRC Well was abuzz with excitement. The hugely awaited Arthur Hughes Inter House English Debate for Middle School was held on the 9th of February 2018. The attendance was massive as senior students alsojoined the Middle School as audience, despite their demanding academic schedule.

The debate was held in the modified version of Oxford Format.The motion on the floor was THBT Artistic expression should always be limitless.

The judges for the event were Mrs. Joyeeta Mukherjee, HOD English and Mr. Prashant Chaturvedi teacher of History and Democratic Politics, Welham Boys’ School.

In an enterprise by the department and Principal Maám Bindra,to entrust the students with greater responsibility and inclusiveness, the third judge was the Students’ Voice. TheStudents’ Voice comprised four senior students, Abhay Singh Dhillon from Cauvery, Manshvin Kartikey from Ganga, Vedant Dewan from Jamuna and Lakshay Aggarwal from Krishna. Together their weightage was equivalent to one judge.

Each House was represented by three speakers; one For the topic, the other Against and the third as the Interlocuter.

Speakers, skillfully brought out various aspects of the motion and thrilled the audience with relevant content and stylish mannerisms.

The winning House was Jamuna – B.

Samanyu Malik of Krishna B was adjudged the Best Speaker.

Sannidhya Aggarwal of Jamuna– B was adjudged the Most Promising Speaker and Viraj Lohia of Jamuna - B was the Best Interlocutor.