Round Square Global Conference, Bangkok April, 2018

The Globally Accessible Round Square conference for younger students took place at Regent’s International School, Bangkok from the 6th to the 10th of April 2018. The theme of the conference was “Discover More”, and all the activities as well as sessions were centered on the discovery framework of the Round Square.

A group of 5 boys from Grade 7 & 8 were escorted to this conference by Ms. Anita Joshi. It was an enriching experience, and one that we will remember fondly for a long time to come. The students were housed in the school itself, while the staff was staying in a nearby hotel. As the dining hall in the school could not accommodate all the students at one time, boys and girls ate breakfast separately, because of which we woke up early every morning.

On the 7th of April, the opening ceremony took place in the evening. It was a solemn affair, and we got to hear from distinguished speakers, including Mr. Rod Fraser, Chairman of Round Square. This was followed by the “Discovery Dash”, which was an attempt to introduce staff to the twelve attributes of Round Square. There were 12 activities, one representing each attribute. The twelve attributes are Self Awareness, Commitment to Sustainability, Ability to Solve Problems, Inquisitiveness, Appreciation for Diversity, Teamwork Skills, Compassion, Courage, Sense of Responsibility, Tenacity, Communication Skills, and Inventiveness. After lunch there was a Barraza session and the conference picture was taken with all the participating delegates. In the evening a battle of bands took place and there was an open mic night, where several aspiring singers entertained us with their talent.

The second day was billed as the “Culture Day at Sampran.” Everyone boarded buses and made the 40 minute journey to Sampran Riverside, a lovely resort on the outskirts of Bangkok. For the morning session we were divided into twelve groups and assigned to one workshop each. Here we got to try our hand at different arts and crafts. It was great fun, particularly working in a group of students from across the world. For lunch we were treated to a scrumptious international buffet. Holding true to the Welham tradition, we tasted as many different cuisines as possible. It was a real treat. After lunch we were given some free time at the resort to explore and do some souvenir shopping. In the evening we had the cultural evening. Each school presented a brief item, and it was appreciated and applauded by one and all.

The next day we had the closing ceremony in the morning. We said our good byes and exchanged contact details with friends from several different countries. It was an amazing exposure to a multicultural environment, and helped broaden our horizons. It is interesting to note how we have preconceived notions of others, and they of us. But just a couple of days together, and we realize that it is important to not form any judgment and stereotypes about cultures, nations and people. That is one important take away we got from this conference.

After the closing ceremony, we left for a day and a half tour of Pattaya. After the hectic schedule of the conference, it was a treat to roam around like tourists and see the sights at leisure. On the whole, it was a great trip, both the conference, and the tourism. We returned back with lots of memories and new friends, just in time for the Spring Festival at school.