Round Square Conferences

Round Square Conferences being very close to the heart of Welhamites always inspires them to participate whenever an opportunity arises. It provides students enriching experiences to discuss practice and live the ideals of the Round square.

One such Conference was held at Genesis Global School, Noida from 27th May to 30th May, 2018. The theme of the Conference was “People, Purpose, and Passion: A Spectrum of Opportunities”. Three students of class XII along with a staff member attended the same.  The focus was “Reducing Inequalities”.  The topics of discussions at the Barazza sessions revolved and evolved around the major inequalities – Social and Economic. The Social Inequalities stressed on empathizing and not sympathizing withthe people with special needs. The guest speakersespecially, the keynote speaker, Mr. Shreyansh Bhandari sharedhis personal experiences. He talked about his pet project which was making slippers out of worn out sports shoes.

The service projects to various institutions reinforced and sensitized the delegates to be compassionate. The adventure activities and cultural evening were welcomed by all.

Overall the Conference was a good learning experience for the students.