TEDx Youth@WBS

If we look around ourselves, everything that exists is the result of an idea, an innovation. And, as Andy Dunn puts it, the history of innovation is the history of ideas that seemed dumb at the time of inception. Martin Cooper’s idea of carrying a telephone in his hand was the dumbest idea of his times, but today, 45 years later, we all have tiny telephones right in our hand, and we all know how incomplete we’d be without them. 

At Welham, we started the TED journey back in March this year, with the inception of the TED Ed Club in school, and here we are at the first ever TEDx event hosted by Welham Boys’ School on October 10, 2018. In this period of almost six months, we not only realized how important sharing ideas is, but also how important it is to be in sync with where the world is heading with its ideas, and nothing can be better than watching and listening to TED talks in order to be in this much needed sync.

As an effort to help in the better dissemination of ideas, the school hosted its first TEDx event ‘TEDx Youth@WBS’ in the Activity centre. Chirag Bansal and Ms Rashmi Rawat were the curators of the event. The guest speakers for the evening were Mr. Roshan Abbas, Prof. Dinesh Singh, Ms. Sonal Singh, Mr. Shiv Kunal Verma, Mr. Tushar Jha and Abed, Mr. Ankit Chamoli and Mr. Suraj Singh. A total of 100 guests comprising students and teachers from various schools, dignitaries and the School Chairman Mr. Darshan Singh attended the talks.

The evening started with Chirag Bansal, the head curator introducing the audience to TED and the idea behind the event. In the span on 2 hours, various guest speakers delivered their talks, touching upon topics such as Lifelong Learning, Applying Gandhi’s principles in life, Gender Sensitization and Art. The last talk was in the form of a Rap and Beat-boxing performance, through which the social issues of Uttarakhand were brought up.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from the head curator, in which he expressed his gratitude to all the people who’d been of help in various capacities. Thereafter, there was an event picture of all the speakers with Mr. Darshan Singh, Ma’am Bindra, Ma’am Rawat and Chirag Bansal. All in all, the event upheld the aim of a TED event, which is the sharing of ideas and was thus a successful one.