FTII Conducted a Basic Filmmaking Course

FTII Conducted a Basic Filmmaking Course for 9 students from Welham Boys' School, one of the first ever such endeavour. The course culminated with the students directing and producing a short film between 11 - 17 Oct, 2018.

This enabled the students to apply the basics of film language in film exercises and master the classic conventions and tools of cinema. The Learning Objective of this course was to challenge the students to find their cinematic voice within the basic language of a narrative film.

Students were exposed to the process of filmmaking by writing scripts - parts of a story, understanding screen plays, working on storyboards, introduction to shot taking while learning through watching the making of a film.

The participants watched the film,Swadesh and then were part of a film appreciation study where they reviewed the different shots, camera angles, the purpose of the shots and the flow of the movie. The students also participated in the pre-production of the film using reflectors and diffusers - learning to shoot in natural and artificial light. They were exposed to the use of a slider to take shots during movements. They also got a hands-on experience on cinema lighting and shooting with 3-point lighting. The participants were taught how to use different colors to match the moods of a film. Equally interesting was learning sound and music design of films, how SFX are created using foley studio etc.

Type of Shots and Camera Angles with Camera Movements - Pan, Tilt, Tracking Rule of 180 degree - Line of Action rule, Conversation shots, Over the Shoulder shots were discussed. Drone Cinematography , the future of Cinema was an engaging session. The students  produced their  testimonials and films by shooting indoors and outdoors, mentored by the course director, MrRitesh  Deshpande. Towards the end of the course, the students were asked to direct a five-minute digital film in a narrative structure that was shot in one day at exterior location using sound effects.