The ‘Vertical Declining Sundial’at Welham Boys’ School

The 'Vertical Declining Sundial' constructed by the students of the Welham Boys' School, was installed on the 30th November, 2018. The ancient means of telling time through shadows might have been replaced by analogue and digital clocks, but Welham Boys' School is now home to a Sundial.

The setup of the Sundial consists of a ‘Semi circle’ shaped dial with numbers demarked on it and is placed beneath a 'gnomon', a pointer or a stylus which points towards the North Star. As the day progresses, the shadow of the gnomon falls on the dial, allowing one to tell the accurate time of the day. The time shown by the shadow is the local time of Dehra Dun. Using conversion tables, the IST can be obtained. 'The Vertical Declining Sundial' is a result of Interdisciplinary in-house research.