News & Alerts
  • 'Incredible India Quiz ' was co- hosted by Welham Girls School and Welham Boys' School on 19th August, 2019. The venue this year was Welham Boys' School.

  • Welham Boys' School beat Doon School 4-3 in the Quarter finals match of the RIMC Soccer Tournament.

  • Welham Boys' School lifts the 'Best Delegation' Trophy at the Doon School MUN, held from 16th to 18th August 2019

  • Welham Boys' School beat The Lawrence School, Sanawar 32-22 in the third league match at the IPSC U-14 Basketball Tournament in Ranchi

  • Welham Boys' School wins against LK Singhania Education Centre 34-29 in the second league match of IPSC U-14 Basketball Tournament at Ranchi

  • Welham Boys' School beat Mayo College 29-15 in its first league match at the IPSC U-14 Basketball tournament in Ranchi

  • 'Topi Ki Daastan ' by Mr. Tariq Hameed and his team was staged on 10th August,2019

  • Welham Boys' School hosted WELMUN from 3rd August to 5th August 2019.

  • Unnati Tripathi , selected for the Asian Junior Individual Championships in Macau, Hong Kong between 26 and 31 July, 2019 has reached the Quarter-Final GU-13 category.

  • Welham Boys’ School won 2 Bronze medals at the IPSC Squash Championships held at RIMC, Dehradun, between 9-13 July, 2019.

  • Ansh Tripathi was declared the Champion in the BU-15 category at the 6th Bengal Junior Open Championship, held at the Calcutta Racquet Club, Kolkata.

  • The Doon School and Welham Boys' School jointly hosted a pioneering IPSC Seminar on Youth Leadership, titled 'Youth in Exploration of Leadership Development'(Y.I.E.L.D) from 19th July 2019 to 21st July 2019.

About us

Welham Boys' School is a residential school for boys, in Dehra Dun, affiliated to the C.B.S.E., India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas over an area of 30 acres, the school lies amidst the hills and rivers of the Doon valley. Students from varying backgrounds and from many different parts of the sub-continent and beyond, attend the school.

WBS Initiative

Welham Boys' School has committed to provide 5 seats to children of the Martyrs of the Indian Army, (those killed in combat) upon the child qualifying the entrance proficiency and aptitude test, at a concessional fee/ scholarship of 50%. Such students will only pay 50% of the fees.

Welham Boys' School is currently providing one such scholarship to a child of a Martyr. This is in addition to the School's existing perquisite of free education for Armed Forces Children/whose Mothers are teaching in the School.

School Calendar

  • Oliphant Debates
    Oliphant Debates
  • Teachers' Day
    Mid Term Assessment begins
    Hindi Diwas
  • Mid Term Assessment ends
    Mid Term begins
    Mid Term ends
  • Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
    Military History Seminar
    Military History Seminar
  • Self Out*
    Dussehra (Holiday) - Home Out*
    PTM for grades 10 and 12, Grand Parents' Day
  • Self Out
    Diwali - Home Out
    End of Term Assessment begins (grades 10 and 12)
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday) - Home Out
    End of Term Asessment begins (grades 4-9 and 11)
    Children's Day
  • End of Term Assessement ends (for all grades)
    Self Out*
    Founder's Day
  • Founder's Day Carnival School closes for Winter Vacations
    Last working day for Staff
    Christmas Day
  • Grades 10 and 12 students return
    Academic Camp begins for grades 10,11 Science and 12
  • Republic Day No outing, no visiting
    Staff returns - Professional Development Programme
    Students arrive, School reopens
  • Classes begin
    Investiture Ceremony
    Graduation Ceremony
  • Outing for grades 4-8
    Mahashivratri (Holiday)
  • Promotion Assessment begins (grades 4-8)
    Promotion Assessment ends (grades 4-8)
    Mid Term begins
  • Mid Term ends

Recent Events

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Spring Festival 2019
Graduation Ceremony 2019
Round Square
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