This Award Programme originated in the United Kingdom in 1956 as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DEAS). The aim was to help young people bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood, smoothly. Introduced in India in 1962, today it is called the International Award for Young People (IAYP).

It aims to encourage young people to achieve their full growth potential within the framework of Indian Society, and to improve their moral, social and intellectual well-being. The Programme also inculcates and encourages “leadership” qualities.

The objective is also to motivate young people, aged 14 to 25 years, and involve them in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development activities, to take them through potentially difficult periods between adolescence and adulthood.

The basic structure of the Award consists of 4 mandatory sections- Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills, and Physical Recreation. Participants must complete the four mandatory sections to receive an award. ( Considering our long association with IAYP, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, in 2010 we setup the Welham Boys’ School Youth Engaging Society (YES) Centre). The YES Centre will help to make the programme available to all young people in the 14-25 age groups who wish to take up the challenge and do not have access to it from their school or college, without any form of discrimination. Students may enroll with the Yes Centre for starting the Award Programme or completing the Award journey which they started earlier.

No Awards Names
1 Bronze (8)
  1. Siddhant Suryavanshi 821/KA/11
  2. Shashwat Jaiswal(left) 794/GA/11
  3. Suryaveer Singh 486/CB/9
  4. Shreyansh Agarwal 413/KA/10,
  5. Rahul Kumar Gupta 350/CA/10
  6. Saiyam Madan 402/JA/10
  7. Chirag Bansal 395/KA/10,
  8. Rudresh Bhandari 382/KA/10
  9. Sushain Mittal (851/GB/10)
  10. Ayub Ahmed (456/CB/9)
  11. Pranav Shikhar Gupta (461/JA)
  12. Aryan Singhal (389/KA)
  13. Ujjwal Goenka (342/CA)
  14. Shaurya Poddar (370/CA)
  15. Ashvin Singhal (/KA)
  16. Pradutt Ramesh (830/CA)
  17. Shreyansh Jindal (942/JA)
  18. Tarini Bhatt (802/CA)
  19. Devesh Jindal (423/GA)
  20. Pratush (357/KA)
  21. Kartikey Aggarwal (393/CA)
  22. Mayank Aggarwal (414/JA)
  23. Vedant Singh (380/CA)
  24. Karan Vatsal Dalmia (952/JA)
  25. Khatwang Gupta (/CA)
  26. Shlok Garg (/CA)
  27. Shoab Ahmed Shawl (795/CA)
  28. Naman Kapoor (833/KA)
2 Silver (3)
  1. Keshav Sultania (806/CA/11)
  2. Aryaman Garg(left) (815/GA/11)
  3. Saurav Bidhuri (780/CA/11)
  4. Divyansh Mehta (332/JA/IX)
  5. Megha Parmar (823/CA)
  6. Anushka Gupta (804/CA)
3 Gold
  1. Aditya Agarwal (315/CA/XII)
  2. Yugdeep Shokeen
  3. Yuvraj Pahuja
  4. Ayush Tulsian (278/CA)
  5. Raghav Aggarwal (273/JA)