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Welham Boys’ School’s mission places significant importance on community outreach and education programs. Through our outreach initiatives, we have successfully motivated students to assist those in need and fostered their interest and engagement in supporting underprivileged individuals. We offer numerous opportunities for Welhamites to get involved in various activities, such as Paper Recycling, Compost Pits, Vermicomposting, Water Testing, Water Recharging, Tree Plantation, building girls' toilets, and conducting Cleanliness drives. The School has actively participated in the following projects:

Global Youth Changemakers

On the 3rd day of the Global Youth Changemakers' Program held at Welham Boys' School, Dehradun, a transformative workshop unfolded, spanning 6.5 hours. Led by the dedicated team from Bindi and Welham Boys' School, this session aimed to sensitize and equip a selected group of students, including boys from Welham Boys' School and girls from Aasra Trust, on crucial topics related to women's health, safety, and other sensitive issues.

The objectives of the workshop were diverse, ranging from increasing participants' understanding of the GYC program to sensitizing them on women's health and challenges related to menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health. The day's agenda included activities such as Introduction' Expectation Setting, Identifying themes for changemakers through group work, and sharing personal goals for positive changes in participants' lives.

Students engaged in discussions on menstrual health and its challenges through stories, fostering empathy and understanding. The session also included reflections on the actions of a young changemaker, where students shared their aspirations for positive community impact.

As the workshop concluded, the way forward was discussed, outlining the project design approach that student groups would undertake in the upcoming sessions. The facilitators emphasized the connection between local actions and broader social development goals, preparing students for their role as true youth changemakers.

From understanding individual perspectives to fostering empathy and action, Day 3 of the program encapsulated a holistic and enlightening experience for all participants, paving the way for their continued journey as changemakers.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders at Welham Boys’ School

A two-day workshop which aimed to bridge the gap between urban youth and the realities of rural India, concluded on Monday. Organized by the NGO Bindi International in collaboration with Welham Boys’ School at their campus, the event marked the launch of the first batch of Global Changemakers at Welham Boys’ School.

Expert trainers from Bindi International engaged the students in discussions about the significance of social development and its practical implications. The young individuals exuded enthusiasm as they shared stories, asked questions, and expressed their eagerness to make a positive impact on the community. An interactive video conference was arranged with three inspiring women grassroots champions associated with Bindi International NGO to provide insights about the program. During this session, master solar trainer Kamala Devi, solar engineering trainee Urmila Devi, and young professional Shaina Bano, working in rural education technology, shared their experiences. Their stories shed light on the challenges and triumphs faced by women in rural areas, offering the students valuable insights.

The first day of the workshop also included an engaging virtual session featuring Sanjana Yadav, an urban Gender Studies specialist, who shared her journey of collaborating with rural women and youth. Her narrative provided an inspiring perspective on how individuals can bring about positive change by empowering those in need holistically.

The workshop's second day concluded with an interview with Asha Kumari, one of the health and education trainers at Bindi International who specializes in fertility and menstrual hygiene sensitization, sharing her personal story with students. In response to a student's question, Asha remarked, "If you are a Change maker, expect naysayers to scoff. Nevertheless, build connections, and people will recognize your perspective.”

Discussing the workshop's significance, Shuvajit Payne emphasized, “Through the Youth Change makers program, these young Welham boys will grow into empathetic leaders, equipped with a profound understanding of multidimensional rural issues. They will engage in hands-on social contributions driven by a passion for social causes, nurturing genuine leadership and self-reflection.”

CBSE Initiative: One Child, One Plant Campaign

Welham Boys' School enthusiastically embraced the CBSE's One Child, One Plant Campaign as a commitment to environmental sensitivity and conservation. The School places immense importance on fostering environmental awareness among students and inspiring them to actively engage in safeguarding our planet.

As part of our comprehensive outreach program, we organized tree plantation activities that took students beyond the classroom, allowing them to experience firsthand the significance of their role in environmental conservation. Our NATURE CLUB played a pivotal role in sensitizing students to the importance of preserving our School's ecosystem through campus plantation initiatives.

Thorough research and collaboration with our horticulture department and online resources guided the selection of suitable plant species for our region. After careful consideration, we chose to plant Neem, Jamun, Silver Oak, Amla, and Sweet Lemon saplings. These selections were made based on their adaptability to our local climate, ecological benefits, and potential to enhance our environment.

Our students exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and motivation throughout the campaign. This hands-on experience not only educated them about the significance of trees but also instilled a profound sense of responsibility toward preserving our ecosystem. The One Child, One Plant Campaign reinforced the pressing need for environmental conservation through tree plantation in our current context. It provided a platform for our students to be part of a global movement towards a greener and more sustainable future.

At Welham Boys' School, we remain steadfast in our dedication to nurturing environmentally conscious individuals and taking meaningful steps to protect our planet. With each planted sapling, we sow the seeds of a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Welham Girls's School, Welham Boys'School, and The Doon School have stood as bastions of dedication to the ideals of community service, social activism, and charity. The students of these institutions joined forces to launch the collaborative Social Service Project: ‘Rooh’ under the Round Square umbrella from August 20-21, 2023. ‘Rooh’ comprises two significant projects: ‘Rimjhim’- The Sound of the Earth & ‘Sawan’-The Rain of Service; each designed to address critical social issues and to make a positive impact on our community.

In ‘Rimjhim’, ten delegates from classes 11 & 12 of each school participated in an educational visit to a local agriculture-based NGO, The Organic Tree. This project aimed to connect the academic community with local farming, fostering awareness about sustainable agriculture practices, soil fertility management, and nurturing an appreciation for nature. Delegates interacted with workers, planted saplings, cared for farm animals, and engaged in a Salad Making Competition. They gained insights into organic farming, cattle management, honey farming, and composting practices.

In the second phase, ‘Sawan: The Rain of Service’, delegates from each school visited a government primary school in Shashtri Nagar, Raipur. They undertook tasks ranging from infrastructural development and art restoration to imparting knowledge. Delegates played the role of educators, teaching subjects like science, mathematics, and vocational training. Music, dance, and creativity took center stage as delegates shared their talents, introducing students to instruments like the ukulele and guitar.

‘Rooh’ is a testament to collaboration. It transcends boundaries, nurturing purpose and compassion in the youth. This initiative underscores the potential for positive change and stands as a model of unity. ‘Rooh’ not only nurtured the delegates' souls but also sowed seeds of change in all involved. It celebrated learning, growth, and service, leaving an indelible mark on minds and hearts. As we look to the future, ‘Rooh’ stands as a shining example of what collective purpose can achieve when individuals come together with a common goal.

Outreach in Deevli, Bharatpur

Welham Boys' School recently organized an impactful Outreach Project in Deevli, Bharatpur, which brought together student delegates from leading Round Square schools. The event commenced with an ice-breaking session and the distribution of literature about Bharatpur town. The Chairman and Principal of Welham Boys' School delivered inspiring speeches on gratitude and service, followed by an entertaining puppet show.

The students visited Keoladeo National Park, where they learned about bird habitats and identified migratory birds. They also actively participated in various service activities at the Read India Centre in Deevli, including tree plantation, cleanliness drives, and construction work.

Educational workshops centered around sustainable development goals, particularly climate change, took place. The Solar team taught solar product fabrication, while the Wellness team focused on community health, women's wellness, and menstrual hygiene. The students made solar lamps and reusable sanitary pads, breaking taboos and raising awareness.

The project concluded with Street Theatre performances for the villagers, covering essential topics like cleanliness, hygiene, body shaming, and girls' empowerment. The student delegates left with a profound sense of humility and gratitude.

Overall, the Outreach Project provided a platform for meaningful service, cultural exchange, and experiential learning. It nurtured compassion, awareness, and community engagement among the participants, leaving a lasting impact on their personal and social development.


Sankalp Gupta was recognized with the Kurt Hahn Certificate of Commendation as a runner-up in the 2023 Kurt Hahn Prize for his exceptional dedication to improving women's sanitation and hygiene in Deevli village, Bharatpur. The award, presented by Round Square, celebrates acts of service to others, both within and outside the school community. The judges were impressed by Sankalp's caring and devoted efforts to support Deevli village. Many students from Round Square Schools also joined in to help, creating reusable sanitary pads to raise awareness and challenge old ideas. Sankalp's commitment, along with the collective efforts of these students, demonstrates how young people can make a positive impact in communities that need assistance.


Sustainability is a fundamental value embraced by our school, and one of our significant endeavors in this regard is the Tree Plantation project. We collaborate closely with HESCO (Himalayan Environmental Studies And Conservation Organisation) personnel and seek input from local community members to determine the types of trees they would like to see planted in their residential areas, communal spaces, and nearby forests.

In partnership with HESCO, Welham Boys' School has undertaken construction projects aimed at generating sustainable sources of income for villagers in our partner villages. As part of these efforts, we organized a plantation drive near HESCO on the riverbank, involving the participation of 30 students from Grade 9. The primary objective of this drive was to promote environmental studies and conservation in the region.

Furthermore, our senior students undertake Residential Projects at HESCO twice per term and return with updates on the progress of the trees planted by them. The Tree Plantation drive is an annual project that holds great significance for our school community.

To ensure the long-term sustenance of the planted trees, we diligently care for them by regularly watering and providing organic fertilizers, which are predominantly sourced from the villagers and placed in pits constructed by our students.

Government School Araghar for Aasraa

During this 6-month initiative, Grade 11 students worked in collaboration with orphans and underprivileged street children at the Government School, Araghar. The research project centered around conducting a SWOT analysis, where the students identified students from deprived backgrounds and assessed their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By setting Learning Objectives, the students closely monitored the progress of the children, aiming to enhance their skills and capabilities in many subjects. This was achieved through mentorship provided by the Grade 11 students and by facilitating opportunities for the children to learn from teachers. The overarching goal of the project was to offer support and assistance to underprivileged children, empowering them to develop their talents and abilities.

Project Samvedana

A COVID Relief Initiative was taken by The Prefect Body-Class of 2022, Welham Boys’ School in association with AAN Charitable Trust to mobilize resources to fill crucial gaps in the hilly districts of Uttarakhand. The mission was to combat the second wave of Covid-19. With this initiative, Welham Boys’ was able to raise funds of over Rs. 4 lacs. Relief materials like PPE Kits, oximeters, gloves, surgical masks, thermometers, disinfectants, COVID medicine kits, dry ration kits, Oxygen concentrators, and menstrual hygiene kits were delivered to the district hospitals, panchayats, shelter homes, and other institutions in the Garhwal region.

Behtar India Project

Welham Boys’ School had participated in its most ambitious Social Service project ever: the Behtar India project. For each student involved, this multi-faceted programme has more than fulfilled the Round Square requirements for social service activity. Led by the school with support from NDTV and Republic TV, it included-

The school Community Service project – the EOTO programme that involves children picked up by the Aasraa outreach team from the streets of nearby Chuna Bhatta and Suraj Basti and brought to our campus every afternoon on the school bus. The Dengue Kit Protection Drive climaxed with a whole morning of awareness-raising activities that brought 300 children to the government school, Rajpur Road to receive dengue protection kits from the students of Welham Boys’.


Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall. Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall. Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall.