Principal's EOT Letter Dec 2017

Dear Parent,

Greetings from Welham Boys’ !

As I sat down yet again to write to you, I decided to glance at my earlier EOT letters. As I went through them, I realized just how important it was for us, the two pillars that influence these young minds the most, to communicate at a level where it is not just a listing of academic performances and trophies won on the playing fields, but to further pool our resources to expand the educational envelope. Some would say Welham Boys' is on a roll, for the boys continue to excel on various fronts, but as repeatedly pointed out by our Chairman, Mr Darshan Singh, our competition is not with others but with can we get better, and equally importantly, how can the net be spread wider where a larger number of our boys benefit from the opportunities that we offer to them.

Towards that end, all of you who were with us during our Founder's Day celebrations, would have noticed that in both, the Junior and Senior school plays , the cast was large. And if we also take the Orchestra and the exhibitions, and all those involved behind the scenes, it was indeed a heartening participation. And at the end of the day, your applause collectively had not just a few select individuals, but scores of our students and staff walking on air.

This term, like always, saw enviable achievements, be it in international exchanges, MUNs or Sports. In addition, the term boasts of splendid action packed initiatives. We, along with Welham Girls', co-hosted the IPSC Music Festival, ‘Ninaad’. Participation in the National level Behtar India campaign  saw us emerging First Runners up out  of the 900 participating schools, as we have now come to know. Rankings apart, the lessons drawn from the program, need to become a way of life, rather than just another outreach programme. The crowning glory of all events this term was undoubtedly the first ever seminar on Military History that we hosted. The movement is now spreading to other schools as well and is befittingly being referred to as a Welham Initiative.

On the academic front, Welham Boys’ has emerged among the top scoring boarding schools of India. In order to further the academic culture in School, I would like to see our students becoming responsible and autonomous learners – taking control and ownership of their own learning. I am certain that as parents you assess their academic scores to ensure that  your children are on track . While they are at home, I urge you to engage with them in their learning process. Guiding them to explore study skills, set goals and foster achievement of those goals will help them in becoming responsible learners that I am talking about. The School uses various assessment tools and diagnostic tests to assess students for learning. Do encourage them to use feedback to their advantage. It is important that our children enjoy the process of learning to become lifelong learners. This is where the bridge between you, the parents and we, the foster parents, needs to be strengthened. It is only then that we can expect high performance…and not a onetime wonder, but consistent high performance!

As I close, winter has well and truly set in.  Wishing you warmth, good cheer and a wonderful 2018 !

God bless!
Ms Bindra