Welham Boys' School

School Rules

Important Dates

The dates for commencement and closing of School Terms (Spring Term and Autumn Term) are announced cyclically, well in advance. Parents are requested to be meticulous with these dates. Students are expected to return to school well-groomed and in uniform. The school will be UNABLE to make travel arrangements if parents do not inform us before the scheduled dates; 30 September for Autumn Term and 20 March for Spring Term. Students who do not report on time during commencement of a school session may be barred from attending the remainder of said session or may be held back at the beginning of vacation.

Local Guardian

As of April 15, 2016, it is compulsory for all parents to submit the details of the local guardian of their wards, who is able to reach school within a 24 hours’ period in circumstances where the parents are unable to do so. Parents are required to submit the duly completed local guardian Proforma (available in the School office). No staff member is authorized to be a local guardian to any student.

Rules for Visiting
To meet faculty

  • Parents/Guardians/Visitors may visit school only with prior appointment.
  • Parents/Guardians/Visitors are not permitted in the boarding houses.
  • Parents/Guardians/Visitors are requested not to bring armed guards inside the Campus.
  • Parents to seek prior appointment to meet faculty on working days.
  • All gates are under CCTV surveillance
  • Vehicles are not permitted inside the campus.

To meet students

  • Visiting is allowed only on calendared outing.
  • For meeting/visiting a student a prior request must be made only by the parent to the concerned housemaster.
  • Parents are not allowed to bring any eatables.
  • Last minute visit requests will not be entertained.

For birthdays

  • Students whose birthdays fall during term time may celebrate their birthdays in School.
  • Parents can visit the School to join the birthday celebration at the dining hall. Post celebration they can spend some time with their ward in the visitor’s room. (2:30pm – 4:00pm)
  • Parents are not allowed to bring any eatables, or avail a LUNCH-OUT.


  • School fee is due twice a year: after the summer and winter vacation.
  • Full term fee would be charged for all admissions during the term and similarly for all outgoing students during any term. This includes the Board examination classes.
  • All dues must be paid in full on or before the school reopens.
  • Unpaid dues are not acceptable. In such cases it will result in the student being sent home.
  • The current fee structure is as per the fee details attached to the School Prospectus.
  • The School Management reserves the right to revise the fee structure at any time.
  • The security deposit, equivalent to one term fee, is charged at the time of admission this is refundable (on request) when the boy leaves school.
  • Unclaimed security deposit for a period of three years will be forfeited in favour of the School.
  • Any other Government Tax/ Cess shall be borne by the parents.
  • The Fee will not be refunded


  • Parents who wish to withdraw their ward must give a written request to the Principal.
  • No charges will be made when the letter of withdrawal reaches School before the dates specified below:
    • 1) 15th of June (for the Autumn term)
    • 2) 30th of December (for the Spring term)
  • Half term fee will be charged if the letter of withdrawal reaches the school after the above-mentioned dates but before the reopening of the school.
  • Full term fee will be charged if the boy is withdrawn after school reopens.
  • Whenever a student leaves School or passes out from School, his belongings must be collected within a fortnight of leaving, failing which, the School authorities shall be free to dispose off /donate the same.
  • After the completion of class XII board examination, students of the school should leave only with their parent or local guardian. Students are expected to leave on the day of the last examination.
  • Students must not stay in Dehradun unless local residents


  • Student will not be given leave during the school term except in the case of family emergencies or marriage in the immediate family.
  • Leave for marriage will be permitted by the Principal in consultation with the housemaster.
  • Leave for marriage in the family will be permitted once a year and for two days excluding travel time.
  • Medical leave will only be granted by the Principal with a medical note from the School’s Resident Medical Officer (R.M.O).
  • Medical leave after an escorted outing or nights out will be considered as unauthorized absence.
  • Medical leave will not be more than three days. Thereafter a fresh application must be given for an extension which will be approved by the R.M.O.
  • The School Hospital also follows up orthodontic treatment with other dentists who have initiated the treatment, only if they are present in Dehra Dun and provide appointments as per the school schedule. All other dental procedures are done through the school with prior information to the parents during term time.
  • Medical emergency while on an outing may require extension of leave. The R.M.O. and the Housemaster must be informed immediately over the phone, followed by an email to all concerned.
  • The submission of false medical certificates including those for the purpose of taking leave may lead to a severe disciplinary action/expulsion.
  • Unauthorized absence from the school shall result in disciplinary action/name being struck off.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave school before the formal conclusion of the term.
  • Leaves cannot be clubbed with nights out.


  • Outings can be availed as per the school calendar
  • Senior/Middle School outings are from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Junior School outings are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. (during winters the return time is 5:30pm)
  • Parents must come at the scheduled time to collect their wards.
  • Home out with parents/ local guardian will be administered from the respective gates. Parents/ local Guardian will not be allowed to enter the school premises.
  • Housemasters can be visited only with prior appointment during the morning session.
  • Entry of parents is restricted when the students return to school.
  • Outing at Festivals will be allowed only with parents or approved local guardians.
  • One-week notice must be given prior to seeking permission for outing.

Nights Out

  • A student is allowed three nights out in one calendared year (January-December). At least one of these days must be a School holiday.
  • The student must report to School before breakfast after the third night.
  • Parents can club the current permissible three nights out of the two terms into one term itself.

Self Outing

  • Students of class X to XII are eligible for self-outing.
  • Self-outing are allowed from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Religious Beliefs

  • The school is strictly secular, and does not allow the observance of any religious rituals or practices on campus. The display of religious posters or similar material in the hostels, dormitories, classrooms or any place on the school campus is strictly forbidden.
  • However, the students are free to practice their belief off campus (under parental supervision).


  • The school serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.
  • Requests for special diets are not entertained.
  • Fasting is not permitted, for any reason whatsoever.

Rules for Electronic Devices

  • Boys are allowed to use non-video mp3 devices on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Personal laptops are permitted only for specific reasons and will be kept in the custody of Housemasters. Students will use and return the laptops as instructed by their Housemasters
  • They must return these to the Housemaster/Warden on a daily basis.
  • Students are responsible for the safety and maintenance of both their personal as well as school laptops. Any misuse of electronic devices may result in the confiscation of that device.
  • Boys are not allowed to keep cell phones with them on campus for any reason, at any time whatsoever.
  • Parents are advised that possession of a cell phone will result in confiscation of the device and immediate suspension of the student.

Unacceptable items on campus

  • Outside food and beverages.
  • Personal money
  • Credit or debit cards.
  • Any expensive items such as mobile phones, perfumes
  • Cameras for midterms can be submitted to the housemaster.
  • Students are not permitted to operate accounts with shops and restaurants.
  • Casual clothes are not permitted. Students are expected to carry clothes as per the clothing list.


Boys found guilty of cheating, bullying or bringing disrepute to the institution by unacceptable behaviour, will be immediately expelled. In this matter, the Principal's decision will be final and binding.

Leaving School

When a student leaves school or graduates from the institution, his belongings must be collected within one month of leaving. Failing this, school authorities may dispose of/donate said belongings without notice.


No vehicles are permitted inside the Campus except within the specified area, i.e. Indus Gate. The school takes a very serious view of parents who allow their children to drive without a license. Any student found driving without appropriate legal documents may be penalised, even if the incident should occur during vacations.

School Hospital

The R.M.O and his team manage a 20-bed hospital, an isolation ward, OPD, IPD and other medical facilities on campus. The school aims at providing timely and effective medical care to each student. To achieve this objective, parental support and cooperation with the school is of utmost importance. It is essential to build a bond of mutual trust from the beginning. So, at the time of interview for admission, the entire medical history of the child must be disclosed to the R.M.O as this will help in dispensing the right medical care for the child. This must also include a complete vaccination chart with proper dates. Continued vaccination if any, will be done only through the school hospital for the purpose of quality control.

Medical leave is granted through the School Hospital, only in exceptional cases. Upon their return, students must report to the school hospital with a fitness certificate along with all other medical documents and prescriptions given by the treating doctor, failing which the student will not be absorbed back in the school.
As per the School policy, the school does not entertain any dental leave for students. Orthodontic treatment can be initiated by the parent from home during vacation, but the follow up is done through the School Orthodontist during term time.


Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall. Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall. Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall.